It’s safe to say that every guy will develop a penis rash from time to time. Depending on the cause, the rash can leave his delicate skin looking boiled and red, or parched and dry, and it may be itchy or even painful. Men who develop a rash in the penile skin should waste no time in getting to the doctor to determine the cause, and following medical advice is crucial for eliminating the underlying cause. In addition, these at-home penis care tips can provide relief and may even speed healing.

1. Take a warm (not hot) bath. Soaking in a bath can help to ease the itch and burn of a painful rash. The water should be warm to the touch and comfortable to sit in; never hot, as water that is too hot can exacerbate the pain and may even cause further damage.

Using a rash-relief ingredient containing oatmeal in the bath water may help soothe some types of rashes, especially those caused by contact with an irritant like poison ivy. On the other hand, bath additives like oils or salts may actually cause irritation, rather than soothing it, and they should be avoided.

2. Change clothing often - or go without. Oily, red and crusty skin tends to stick to underclothing, and ointments or creams used to help clear up the rash may increase this problem. Changing underwear regularly can help prevent the skin from adhering to clothing.

In addition, leaving the area exposed to the open air may also be helpful. Going unclothed whenever possible can allow the skin to breathe, speeding healing, and this will also prevent fabric from rubbing against the affected area and causing chafing.

3. Avoid possible irritants. While the skin is healing, it is best to avoid any potential irritants that might make the problem worse. First and foremost, this means staying away from whatever caused the irritation in the first place. Second, men should be sure that their hands are clean and dry before handling the goods, as substances like cooking spices, salt, grease or oil, fragrances, and detergents can all cause a painful reaction in inflamed tissue.

4. Abstain. This may be the most difficult challenge when it comes to soothing a rash, but it is important to allow stressed skin time to heal. Therefore, men will need to abstain from manual stroking or partner sex until the rash is completely healed. Doing so is not only necessary for healing and for avoiding further discomfort; men also need to keep in mind that some rashes are infectious and can be shared with a partner.

In fact, if the rash is related to a yeast or fungal infection, any sexual partners should also be treated, as these are easily passed from one person to another through intimate contact; and both partners should be symptom-free before reinitiating sex.

TLC for a smoother, healthier penis

Once the rash is healed and the penile tissue restored to more or less normal, it is worth engaging in a little extra care going forward to keep the skin healthy, supple and radiant - not to mention reducing the risk that the problem will recur. This means keeping the penis clean by showering every day, as well as eating right and drinking plenty of water.

A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can also be added to a man’s personal care repertoire. Daily use of a product that is enriched with the nutrients skin cells need in order to stay healthy, as well as natural emollients to help keep the penile tissue strong, can leave the penis feeling silky smooth and looking youthful.