During adolescence, men might feel as though the skin of the penis is almost too sensitive. A brush of fabric, an inadvertent bump or a buzzing car ride could cause too much penis stimulation and a lingering feeling of embarrassment. With age, however, this attuned arousal might fade, leaving men feeling like they need hours of activity in order to reach the peaks that once came in mere seconds. While reduced penis sensitivity like this is somewhat normal, natural and to be expected, there are some things men can do to care for the penis and restore it to its former attuned glory.

1. Put out the Cigarette

Holding a smoldering cigarette might make a man look sexy, like a modern version of ad exec Don Draper, but inside the body, cigarette smoke does nasty things, and this can lead to penis sensitivity problems down the line. When smoke enters the body, the tiny veins, arteries and capillaries that supply the penis with nourishing blood can swell, and in time, they might even become blocked. Without blood, nerve cells can become damaged, and the sensory information a man receives could be diminished. Kicking the habit might mean using nicotine replacement products for a short time, but men who do quit could see their sensitivity rise once more.

2. Hop off the Bike

Traditional bike seats require a rider to put all of the body's weight on a bundle of nerves that supplies the groin. Men who ride bikes for long periods of time can feel numb when they reach their destination, and this reduced sensory information could continue in the days and weeks that follow. Stopping for a stretch break can help the nerves to resume their work, but men who ride frequently might consider purchasing a penis-friendly bike seat that allows riders to assume a less damaging position as they pedal.

3. Stay Clean

The skin of the penis is full of bacteria, and men who haven't been circumcised may have even more germs hiding in the soft, wet folds covered by the foreskin. If allowed to multiply, bacteria can cause inflammation and intense itching, and these kinds of infections can leave toughened scar tissue behind. A daily wash with mild soap and water can help men to keep these germs at bay.

4. Take it Slow and Easy

Men can abuse penis tissue through rough sex, dry masturbation or absent underwear. All of these activities place an intense amount of pressure on the delicate skin of the penis, scraping away healthy cells in the process. Skin that's been damaged in this way heals by laying down bands of hardened, rough cells, ensuring that the pain won't strike again when the man is careless once more. Tissue like this isn't as responsive as the tissue that was stripped away.

Using lubrication can protect the skin during masturbation, and focusing on slow and deliberate movements during sex could help men avoid harming their equipment while they please their partners. When it's time to get dressed once more, underwear should always play a part. Soft, supportive underwear can keep the penis from bumping about and brushing against rough zippers, buttons and hems.

5. Try a Little TLC

Vitamins and emollients applied directly to the penis can help the skin to stay soft and supple. Skin like this will expand and contract with ease, and the touch and pressure receptors that dot the penis will be able to do their work, as they won't be covered up with bands of scar tissue. A specially designed penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) doesn't contain fragrances or harsh detergents that can dry out penis skin, and the substances absorb directly into cells, leaving no residue behind. When it comes to responsive skin, a penis health crème might be the most effective tool a guy can use.