Penis sensitivity loss can be devastating. Men with this problem might feel as though sex is not worthwhile anymore. They can't feel anything, or at least not much, so why even bother? While some men can live with this problem for years, other men might choose to fight back and work to regain the sensitivity they have lost. There are a variety of penis care steps that can help, but there's one that is considered especially effective.

That step involves upping vitamin intake. Here's why it works.

Replacing Dead Skin Cells

Penis sensitivity loss often occurs when healthy, vibrant cells are absent. The skin on the surface of the tool is either firm and unable to flex, or the cells are just old and ineffective. In order for a man to feel all the sweet sensations of solo and partner sex, he needs a layer of skin cells that are new and healthy.

Building up those skin cells is difficult or impossible without the right mix of vitamins. It's a bit like trying to bake a cake without flour or sugar. Unless the building blocks and key tools are available, the body simply can't do the work it needs to do.

Improving Blood Flow

In addition, new skin cells tend to be fragile, and they rely on a great deal of blood in order to stay healthy. Vitamins help here, too. Vitamin C, for example, is vital in the development of healthy blood vessels. If this element is in short supply, the cells can't get the blood they need in order to stay alive. That's just one example of why vitamins are a crucial part of protecting new skin cells.

Protecting Nerves

Sensitivity doesn't just come from the skin. It also comes from the nerve tissue that lies just beneath that layer of skin. Those cells also need a bath of vitamins and nutrients in order to stay healthy. In particular, they need:

- Vitamin B5

- Vitamin D

- Acetyl L-Carnitine

- Alpha lipoic acid

These important nutrients help to keep the electrical impulses of the nerves firing at a normal rate. They also help keep the lines of communication between the penis and the brain wide open, so every sensation that starts in the groin can move on up to the brain, where it is processed.

Basking in Vitamins

Experts suggest that topical applications are best when it comes to penile health. That's because vitamins that go through the mouth often don't make it to the region. Sometimes, the body diverts vitamins to other parts of the body it considers more essential, like the internal organs or the brain. That means a guy could take oral vitamins made just for the penis and see no penile benefits at all.

Putting things right on the penis is so much more effective because this kind of diversion simply doesn't happen. A man puts the vitamins on, and they stay put on the body part they're intended for. It's that simple.

Plus, putting lotion on an insensitive penis is a great way to retrain the nerves to respond. The brain can begin to remap sensation as a man rubs the lotion into his skin. In time, the brain can begin to remember what the penis feels like, and what it is for, and that awakening all begins with a man rubbing his skin daily.

A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is helpful in this process. Quality products have the vitamins a man needs, plus these products are made to be rubbed into the skin daily. For men with sensitivity problems, it's a tool that's beneficial for their healing process.