Penis sensitivity is a delicate matter for some men, and one which may be impacted by the frequent use of the so-called "death grip" while masturbating or being masturbated by others. Maintaining the proper level of penis sensitivity is crucial, as a loss of sensation in the penis can severely impede the pleasure that is associated with orgasm in the male. Even those who take pains to ensure good penis health otherwise may experience a loss of sensation if the grip used while stroking the penis is too intense.

Penis sensitivity

The penis is designed to provide maximum pleasure during orgasm. Whether circumcised or intact, the organ is filled with highly sensitive nerve endings that react strongly to touch and which are the core by which sexual pleasure is achieved. This literally "sensation-al" set-up is a masterpiece of design which benefits men in a very tangible manner.

Naturally, men want to make sure that nothing happens to damage this system, as that has the potential to alter the way in which signals to the nerves are received and processed, which in turn can lessen the pleasure felt during sexual activity. That’s where the death grip may come into play.

Death grip

While there are numerous ways to masturbate, the majority of men typically masturbate by wrapping one hand around the penis and running the resulting fist up and down the penis to create a degree of friction that feels good. Sometimes a man will stroke the entire length of the shaft; other times a man may focus most of the stroking on the glans instead. Some men may also vary the intensity of the grip that they have on the penis, tightening it at times and loosening it at others.

Often, however, a man may use a death grip on his penis - that is, a grip that is intensely tight. This can feel very good and can often produce a very satisfying orgasm. However, when a death grip is used too frequently, it can cause some damage to the peripheral nerve endings in the penis. This affects their sensitivity, so that it doesn’t transmit pleasurable sensations as readily. In such cases, a man may respond by making his grip even tighter. This increased tightness will bring about a more heightened sensation, but it will also cause more nerve damage. Thus is born a spiral - stroking the penis with tighter grip that causes increasing damage and therefore requires an even tighter grip - that ultimately can bring about a very significant loss of sensation.

This loss can be problematic also when engaging in partner sex. If there is a significant loss of penis sensitivity, it may make it more difficult to obtain or maintain an erection, or it may mean that the intercourse does not produce an ejaculation or as intense an orgasm as desired.


The most obvious recourse for a man who has experienced a loss of penis sensitivity due to use of a death grip while masturbating is to loosen the grip. Given healing time, sensitivity often returns, so stopping masturbating altogether for a period of time may help. So can switching to a different form of masturbating, such as rubbing a scarf or other piece of sheer material across the penis or masturbating by lying face down on the bed and simulating intercourse.

Loss of penis sensitivity from overuse of a death grip (or from other causes) can also be helped by regular and consistent use of a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). In order to be effective, the crème must contain acetyl L carnitine, which has neuroprotective properties which enable it to prevent and soothe peripheral nerve damage in the penis. Reduced sensitivity can have a negative impact on penile firmness, so using a creme with both L-arginine and vitamin C is also beneficial. L-arginine is an amino acid that helps in the process by which blood flows more readily to the penis. Vitamin C is important for its role in collagen production and its impact on firmness in the organ. Use of a wisely-chosen crème can be a boon for those suffering effects from the death grip.