For some men, the summer heat brings with it the desire to do a little extra grooming downstairs. With heat comes sweat, and sweat in the groin region can lead to jock itch, a highly annoying rash caused by the moisture-loving fungus, tinea cruris. In an effort to prevent this rash, some guys choose to boost their penis care regimens by trimming the hedges, cutting down on heat in the area. While some guys might be happy with a minor haircut for the penis, others might choose to go with penis shaving. This is the most efficient way to cut down on excess heat in the groin area, but it can lead to a rash of its own: razor burn. It can also leave behind nicks in the skin that cause irritation. The following are several tips men can heed in order to reduce the likelihood of creating skin problems when shaving the manhood.

1. Buy the right supplies. There are several items a man should have on hand before he begins his manscaping journey. These include:

- Hair trimming scissors

- Electric hair/beard trimmer

- A multi-blade razor with a moving head

- A shaving cream made for sensitive skin

The right supplies set a man up for an optimal shaving experience.

2. Pre-trim. If a man is rocking a full bush and decides to go hairless, he needs to trim the hair down first. Long, thick pubic hair is likely to clog a razor, which can lead to hair getting tugged on. No thanks.

This is where the buzzer comes in. Using that, trim the hair down to under ¼". However, don’t use the buzzer on the ball sack; use the scissors for that. A guy might also want to stick with scissors for hair on the underside of the penis.

3. Soak. Soaking in warm water can prepare the skin for the friction to come.

4. Keep it tight. When it’s time to put the razor to the skin, make sure the skin is tight. For shaving the penis, a man might want to get hard first. When it comes to the balls, it’s best to have them as taut and close to the body as possible; using an ice cube or placing them on a cold porcelain surface could be useful here.

5. Go with the grain. While going against the grain gives a man the smoothest shave, it also increases the likelihood of razor burn and ingrown hairs. Going with the grain will still provide a man with a real close cut, and the slight bit of hair remaining shouldn’t contribute to extra sweat in the region.

6. Follow up with a moisturizer. Keeping the skin moisturized after shaving can help prevent irritation. It’s important to get the right kind of moisturizer - one that won’t cause irritation to the delicate male skin and that won’t be too greasy, causing acne on the member.

Fortunately, there are skin care products made just for men’s most sensitive parts. A quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) will contain a number of ingredients that support good skin condition in a variety of ways. Shea butter and vitamin E form an excellent tag team for dry skin issues, both providing and locking in hydration. Also worth looking out for is vitamin C, which promotes collagen production and can aid in tissue firmness. A man with a freshly-shaved groin has a penis that is more exposed than ever, and tending to the condition of his skin is important not only from a health standpoint, but an aesthetic one as well. Man1 Man Oil can assist in both penile form and function.