Women aren’t the only people with body image concerns. Among the top on men’s list is often penis size. Misconceptions about what their size "should" be, largely based on porn penises and possibly the fibs of more than a few friends, can lead to significant confidence issues that interfere with a man’s mental and sexual wellbeing. Since frequent use of the manhood is an important part of penis care, his penile health may be affected as well. It’s time to get the facts straight on penis size, and men can do so with the help of science.

Study 1

In 2007, researchers Wylie and Eardley released results of their review of more than 50 studies involving over 11,500 men’s penises. Key findings were:

- The average size of an erect penis ranged from 5.5-6.3 inches in length.

- Average penile girth was between 4.7 and 5.1 inches when erect.

- 45% of men surveyed would like a larger penis.

- 12% of men surveyed considered their penises "small."

- 85% of women were content with their partners’ penile size.

Although only 12% of men surveyed thought they had penises below average length, 45% still wanted bigger manhoods. This indicates a cultural conception of bigger penises as better, which is not always the case. An aroused vagina measures approximately 4 inches in length, with the lauded G-spot about 3 inches in. This means even a small penis is capable of providing pleasure. Add in the fact that many women find very deep penetration that stimulates the cervix to be painful, and having a larger-than-average penis becomes not-so-desirable.

Men should also note that 85% of women surveyed were content with their partners’ packages. This suggests that men are far more concerned about size than women. Since one of the reasons men may be so concerned is the belief that women are, this piece of information may dispel fears for some.

Study 2

A more recent review published in 2015 by Veale et al gathered data on more than 15,500 men worldwide. Their findings include:

- Average penis length was 5.16 inches when erect.

- Average girth when erect was 4.69 inches.

- 68% of men’s penises measure within the 4.5-5.8-inch range when erect.

- 95% of erect penises fall within the 3.9-6.5-inch range.

The results of this larger study, then, are more conservative than the one above.

Overcoming Anxiety

Getting the facts straight on average penis length and on the sexual functionality of average and even smaller penises may be sufficient to dispel worries for some men. For others, the anxiety persists. If this inhibits one’s ability to lead a fulfilling sex life or comes with constant psychological distress in the form of shame or depression, a man may need a little extra help.

Therapy is a good way for men to address their body image issues. Men may be tempted to invest in a penis enlargement product, but this method is best avoided. For one, such products aren’t likely to work. Secondly, some methods, such as hanging weights off the member, can cause injury. Finally, these products won’t address the real problem, which is more than likely in a man’s head, not his pants.

If a man wants to invest in a product for his penis, he would be better off skipping products that supposedly enhance size and opting for one that enhances health. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with natural moisturizers and nutrients that support circulation and nerve function can do the trick. A man can keep what he has in peak form and function with the use of such a product in conjunction with a healthy sex life and a solid hygiene routine.