Despite all the research that shows that penis size is not the major factor in sexual satisfaction, men still want to possess a member that impresses upon first viewing. Though matters such as penis health are ultimately much more important in the long run, a guy wants to hear a little gasp of approval when he first unveils his manhood to an expectant partner. For a man who is a grower rather than a shower (pronounced "show-er"), this can be an especially desirable goal. But are there any ways to change from a grower into a shower?

Grower vs. shower

Some may ask exactly what is meant by these two terms, grower and shower. One way of classifying men is by whether they possess a penis that gets significantly larger when erect than when flaccid. Such a man is known as a grower. On the other end of the spectrum are men whose soft penis tends to be fairly long and which therefore does not grow very much when excited. These men are showers.

This doesn’t mean that a shower necessarily has a longer erect penis than a grower. A man who is, say, only two inches when soft may become six-and-half while erect; another man who is five inches soft may only peak at six inches when hard. Strictly speaking in terms of size when erect, this grower has an advantage over the shower - but the shower can make a bigger first impression, and that can have a psychological benefit both for the owner of the penis and for the partner who is viewing it.

Showing more

As most men know, there are numerous penis enlargement products that claim they can make a huge difference in penis size. But the fact is that genetics determine penis size, and the man who invests in these sort of products is unlikely to achieve the result he desires.

However, there are some tricks that a grower can try that may help him to feel more confident about his manhood’s measurements. These don’t actually promote growth, but they can sometimes help a man to show more of what he already has or to create an illusion of more size that may make him feel more confident. These methods include:

- Losing weight. Sometimes when a man has gained too much weight, small folds of fat hide the base of the penis. By exercising and dieting properly, and shedding those excess pounds, a little more of the penis is made visible to one’s partner.

- Warming up. Any man who has jumped into a frigid lake knows that cold weather shrinks his equipment. Men who want to make their members appear at their most impressive length need to be sure that the setting for display is appropriately warm and inviting.

- Shaving. Many men find that shaving their pubic hair gives the illusion of greater length to the penis.

- De-stressing. Some men get so worried about the size of their manhood that their stress levels shoot way up. That’s not good, as the penis tends to retract when a man experiences excess emotional stress. Relaxing and not worrying about penis size will allow the organ to present itself in all its natural glory.

One other thing for growers to remember: Penis size really is just one part of the sexual mix. Skill, tenderness, abilities to relate, penis health and many other factors all play a big role, so focusing on size alone is not productive. One area where a man can provide self-help is penis health. Regular use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) ensures that the penis will look and feel its best - and that makes a man feel better all around. It’s best to select a crème that includes L-arginine, an enzyme that is a big help in creating nitric oxide. This in turn helps keep penis blood vessels healthy and more receptive to the blood flow that is essential to a healthy, functioning organ. The crème should also include vitamin A, the anti-bacterial properties of which fight persistent penis odor - a common problem with many men.