Lucky is the man who is not concerned about his penis size. Some men go to considerable lengths for the promise of a little extra length. The male enhancement market is saturated with pumps, pills, creams and extenders, luring men in based on their unnecessary insecurities and making unfounded claims of effectiveness. Some methods are not product-based, but manual. One such "penis exercise" is called jelqing. Since it may pose risks to penis health, this practice should be learned about in some detail before being attempted.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a method of manually manipulating the penis in the hopes of forcing more blood into it, which some believe will cause the tissues to lengthen. Some say the practice originated in the Middle East, though this has not been proven.

Jelqing involves making an "Okay" gesture with the hands, with the pointer finger and thumb forming a circle. This circle is positioned at the very base of the penis, then pulled up to just below the head, at which point the other hand’s circle is placed around the base and follows the other. The man alternates hands for some 20 to 30 minutes. He is supposed to apply light pressure while stroking.

Does it Work?

The theory behind jelqing isn’t really sound; pulling blood into the penis won’t necessarily make it bigger. And there certainly isn’t any scientific evidence backing up the practice.

Is it Safe?

While jelqing may appear about as safe as masturbation, it actually is not. It can be difficult to know how much pressure to apply. Also, if it is done on a penis that is fully erect, it can do some damage. The following are potential injuries associated with jelqing:

- Pain

- Irritation

- Blood vessel damage

- Scar tissue formation

All these things can negatively impact a man’s penis health and sexual performance.

What Precautions Can Jelqers Take?

Despite the risks, some men are going to try out this practice. It’s important for these men to take preventative steps concerning injury. They can do the following to increase the safety of the stretching routine:

- If a man is new to jelqing, he should start with a short workout of 5-15 minutes.

- Warm up. Wrap the penis in a warm towel for a few minutes for this step.

- Use lube. This will help prevent chafing from the jelqing session.

- Don’t squeeze tightly.

- Don’t use an intense rhythm; a stroke should take about three seconds.

- Stop if the penis becomes fully erect. Jelqing is safest on a semi-hard member.

- Don’t jelq the glans (penis head).

A More Preferable Path

By far, it’s preferable for a man to cultivate an appreciation for what nature gave him, and not to feel shame or inadequacy about his body as it is. A man doesn’t show his precious tool love by trying to change it.

He does, however, show his love for what he has when he treats it right, and this involves a number of actions. First, proper hygiene is key. Washing daily, with mild or no soap and warm, not hot, water, is good for the penis.

Second, men should use what they have well and regularly, whether with a partner, solo or both. Frequent use keeps the tissues in good working order, and frequent ejaculation is good for a man’s health.

Finally, men can add a skin care product into their daily routines to help prevent chafing from the various frictions their manhoods are subjected to. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with a combination of moisturizers, like Shea butter and vitamin E, does the job best. And don’t forget to look for vitamin C, which promotes collagen production for firm skin. Rather than torturing the tool with stretches and other efforts to change it, consider pampering it instead with a more health-focused product.