Regardless of the large number of studies which indicate that penis size is a minimal factor in women’s satisfaction, far behind considerations such as the efforts a man makes to please them, the fact is that most men worry about the length and girth of their penis. Because of this, there are literally thousands of products and procedures available for penis enhancement, from surgical lengthening to traction devices to more natural penis vitamins and minerals. But do these enhancement measures really work, and are there any harmful side effects involved? These questions are explored in detail here.

Surgical penis enhancement

There are two basic types of penis enhancement surgery. One of these involves cutting the ligament that holds the penis in place, thus permitting the penis to hang lower. This procedure generally allows for about one inch of increased length. The other technique consists of injecting fat tissue from other parts of the body into the penis, a process known as dermal implants. Again, gains of about one inch in length are the maximum that can be expected.

While penis enhancement surgery is virtually the only technique that can guarantee an increase in penis size, some words of caution are necessary. First, these procedures do not necessarily enhance the ability to have an erection or improve performance. Second, they are not always permanent. For instance, with dermal implants, the injected fat is generally re-absorbed by the body over time, eliminating any gains. Second, penile surgery always comes with a risk of scarring, infection, decreased performance, and erectile issues.

Traction devices

For men who prefer not to consider surgery, penile traction devices may be used to stretch the penis gently, lengthening it over a period of several weeks. With this procedure, men generally see up to a one-centimeter increase in length of their penis.

With this technique, side effects can include bruising and the formation of scar tissue. In addition, men who use traction devices may see an overall decrease in the firmness of their erections.

Penis exercises

Over the years, a number of variations on a manual penis stretching technique have been touted as a way of increasing penis size and girth. Many claims have been made about men who have added inches to their penis size through squeezing and massaging, but scientific evidence does not support this.

As with penile traction, manually stretching the penis can cause scarring of the connective tissue under the penis skin, which may lead to problems such as bending abnormally during erections. Bruising and loss of firmness during erections may also occur.

Penis crèmes and oils

Numerous products are available that are described as penis enhancement formulas; applying these to the penis supposedly causes an increase in length and/or width. Unfortunately, most of these are a waste of money; there is no empirical evidence that a penis crème can boost penis size.

On the other hand, positive results may be seen in nourishing products such as a penis health formula(most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) which contain vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and all-natural moisturizing agents that may be helpful in maintaining a healthy penis, promoting optimum function and condition, and supporting enjoyable and fulfilling sex. Penis nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, B5 and E are known to have a beneficial effect on the skin of the penis and may also assist with healthy nerve function and the repair of peripheral nerve damage. When applied topically, where it can be directly absorbed into the penis skin, a penis vitamin crème may be beneficial to penis health, sensitivity and function in the long term.