Is there a man alive who isn’t aware of the emphasis placed on penis size in modern culture? While this is hardly a situation unique to the 21st century, there arguably is greater desire among men to possess a big penis than in the past. Sure, most men know that the heft of their junk is but one factor in an active and satisfying sex life, and that other factors, such as penis health and skills in the sack, are of greater overall importance in the long term. Nevertheless, men tend to want a big penis - despite the fact that being big is not always a blessing.

What downside?

Men who are modestly built may think that a man with a larger endowment has no right to complain. After all, isn’t being able to display an impressive package half the battle when it comes to pleasurable sex? For many, the psychological effect that a massive member produces in a partner "jump starts" the sexual excitement portion of the sex game. And don’t men with a large manhood have greater confidence, which translates into lower performance anxiety?

Maybe, maybe not

Actually, neither of those suppositions is necessarily true. While men tend to think that the mere physical presentation of an impressively sized member automatically stimulates a partner, the reverse can be true. Some partners may shrink away from an oversize penis, fearful that it may prove painful.

The same can be true of the cockiness that is assumed to be part and parcel of having an ample endowment. Some men may feel that the mere size of their member means that they are expected to perform like a superman. They may have a hard time living up to what they feel is expected of them and may, in some cases have as much, or even more, performance anxiety than a man with a penis of typical size.

Other issues

There can be other concerns that arise for a man with a big penis. For example, some such men find that shorter women may be more put off by the exceptionally sized penis, forcing them to look only for taller women as potential partners. And since there are fewer taller women, their potential dating pool is thereby limited.

Then there’s the issue of penile identification. When a man is known for his exceptional penis size, he may find that partners are more interested in one part of his anatomy than in him as a whole person. This can hamper his ability to establish long term meaningful relationships.

Wardrobe can also be a concern. Sure, some guys like to let the world know of their special size, but sporting a massive and clearly visible erection at inopportune times can have a negative impact at work or in some social situations. Therefore, a man may have to choose clothes that don’t flatter him or underwear that is more restrictive than is really comfortable.

Finally, the excess size can lead to over-friction during sex, whether penetrative or manual. And that leads to a sore penis, which no man enjoys.

Working through issues with a big penis requires a partner that is willing to be supportive and understanding. Even so, the friction issue can continue to be a problem for some men.

Those men whose penis size is exceptional and do experience special big penis-related friction really need to take special steps. Regular use of a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be a big bonus when dealing with a sore penis. Excess friction often de-sensitizes the penis, so a crème that includes acetyl L carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient, is a must. This ingredient can help restore diminished sensitivity from rough handling. The presence of vitamin C is also handy, for its role in collagen production. Most importantly, be sure the crème includes hydrating agents like shea butter and vitamin E to properly heal and soothe sensitive, sore skin.