This is hardly news, but many men (and some women) are a bit obsessed with penis size. Some men will go to almost any lengths to add a little extra something to their favorite body part, despite the fact that penis health and skill with the equipment are of more value in terms of sexual satisfaction. Yet with all the focus on having a longer penis, is it possible there could be advantages to a penis of moderate length which has something extra in the girth department? Which is really more likely to offer some form of an advantage, a long penis or a thick one?

Again, penis size is truly not the most important factor in how well a man offers sexual satisfaction. But for those for whom penis size is a concern, the following lays out the possible and theoretical advantages of length vs. girth (assuming all other factors are basically equal).


According to a recent reputable survey, the length of the average male penis when erect is about 5.16". (Yes, that’s right: the average standard to which men have been compared for years, 6", is in fact an above-average measurement.) The vast majority of men have a penis that is between 4 and 6 inches when erect. (Only 5% have a penis smaller than 4 inches and only 5% have one that is longer than 6.3 inches. Those with a length of 7" or more are in the top 2%.)

Men typically desire a long penis because they believe that extra length will allow them to penetrate more deeply into the vagina and therefore enable them to more easily bring about an orgasm in their female partners. However, many women achieve orgasm due to stimulation of the clitoris and/or the infamous "G spot." Therefore, a penis that can reach these areas should be in the best position to provide orgasmic release in a female partner.

Since the clitoris is located near the front of the vagina and the G spot is typically 2-3" inside the vagina, most men (90% of whom fall in the 4-6" penis size range) have equipment that is of sufficient size to provide appropriate satisfaction. (Again, actually providing the satisfaction depends on additional factors beyond proper length.)

However, there may be some advantage to length when it comes to anal intercourse with another man. Anal sex stimulates the prostate gland to achieve pleasure, and the prostate gland tends to be located a 4" or so up the anus. Since full insertion of the penis may be more difficult in some anal sex situations, this may mean that a longer penis can be somewhat more beneficial during male-to-male anal sex.


Girth, or the thickness of the penis, is not explored as frequently as length when discussing penis size. The above referenced survey indicates that the average girth of the erect penis is about 4.5"

Are there advantages to having a "fat" penis? Many experts think there may be (although, as with length, the penis size is considered less important than health, skill, etc.) A thicker penis "fills up" the vagina as it enters, causing the vaginal walls to stretch. These walls are where the sensitive nerve endings are which create pleasure during sex. A thicker penis may stimulate them more directly and fully than a thinner penis.

Some women report that a penis that is too thick can cause discomfort; in addition, for anal sex, a thicker penis may also make penetration difficult.

While a thick (but not excessively thick) penis may have some advantage over a penis with extra length, penis size plays second fiddle to factors like overall penis health. Daily application of a top shelf penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help keep the manhood healthy. Look for a crème with both L-arginine and L carnitine. The former is an amino acid that promotes healthier penis blood flow, while the latter is a neuroprotective ingredient that can prevent diminished sensation in the penis due to rough handling. Both factors are crucial for good penis health.