Perhaps it was easy in grandfather’s day, but let’s face it: Men today have a hard time not being aware of their penis size and whether it is “up to expectations.” Our obsession with this issue is, of course, misguided; men would be far better off concentrating on their penis health than fretting about penis size. But the fact is that size is still on many men’s minds, and their perceptions of what is a good penis size is distorted by many factors. In the real world, a man with a five inch penis is doing just fine. But in his mind, he may feel ashamed and disappointed (even if his partners in bed are perfectly satisfied.)

Real world vs. culture

In some ways, it’s understandable that there could be confusion over what might be termed the “real world acceptable penis size.” After all, for decades, men were told that the average penis was six inches. Only in recent years have studies demonstrated that that measurement was actually an exaggeration, with the currently accepted average length at about 5.2”. (Many studies, most of them scientifically invalid and often designed to be used as a way of promoting penis lengthening products, claim the length is much greater, further muddying our perceptions of what is typical.) And the vast majority of men have penises that fall in the 4” to 6” range.

Not correct

One problem, though, is that even when a man accepts that the real world average of 5.2” is true, he may have a hard time actually believing this deep down inside him. For example, sometimes a man with a penis of average size – of even of above average size – may still feel that his penis is too small. This might be due to deep-rooted feelings about himself that hinder his self-esteem. He may not possess the self-confidence to accept that he is normal or he above normal.

He also may have compared himself to other men in the gym or at a circle jerk and found that a good number of these other men had longer penises than he did – which makes him believe that he is smaller than average. But often, our perceptions of size can be distorted. It’s impossible to look at our penis from the same physical point of view as we do another man’s, so he may be under-selling himself or over-selling the other men he sees.

Porn, of course

And then there’s the problem of porn, of course. As frequent purveyors of pornography know, many porn producers try to employ male actors who are above average in the penis size department – sometimes significantly so. When a viewer sees a seven or eight inch (or larger) penis giving what appears to be intense pleasure (as evidenced by the moans and gasps coming from the partner – another actor, of course), he can’t help but equate size with power and pleasure.

Since the internet has made pornography something that a man can enjoy at any time of day, for hours on end if he so wishes, it means many men are getting visual messages that distort the image of what a normal penis size is.

What to do

If a man obsesses too much on his penis size, and especially if he has a penis which measures in the average range, he needs to step away from sources –such as porn videos –which reinforce unrealistic expectations. If the size issue is too ingrained, he may wish to seek help from a mental health professional.

In the real world, an average penis size can be extremely rewarding, especially if the owner of that penis keeps it in good health by regular application of an excellent penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best cremes will provide a wide range of vitamins, such as A, B5,C, D, and E, to benefit the penis. In addition, the crème should contain L-arginine, which helps produce the nitric oxide which can help penile blood vessels to expand to accommodate increased blood volume.