It’s important for a man to recognize that his worries about penis size and shape are often unfounded. In fact, most men worry about their penis size, usually by thinking it is far too small. They might also worry about their penis shape, thinking that it is far too thin. But what really matters is what a man does with it, and that starts with excellent penis care. It also extends to know what is really worrisome when it comes to penis size and shape. Here’s what a man needs to know.

What a man should know about penis size

Unfortunately, many men think their penis is not large enough, even though it is probably right where it should be. Though the studies on penis size vary, what most have found is that "normal" penis size is anywhere from four inches to six inches in length. However, even men who are smaller than that four inches can have a fulfilling and completely happy sex life.

Men who are very worried about penis size that is less than this, such as a guy packing two inches or less, might want to visit their doctor just to rule out any underlying problems. However, it is important to remember that even at this size, a guy can be perfectly normal.

What’s important about penis shape

Shape matters to a guy, too. Most studies have found that the average guy measures at four to five inches in circumference. But again, it’s important to remember that a man who falls outside of that range is likely perfectly normal.

One of the things about penis shape that might be abnormal is excessive curvature. Most men have some natural curvature of the penis, and this is nothing to worry about. But when the curvature is severe enough to cause pain or trouble with partner sex, it might be something known as Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s disease results from the buildup of scar tissue, also known as plaque, within the penis. This scar tissue forms as the result of trauma to the penis. It might be a one-time sudden trauma, such as getting hit in the midsection with a baseball, or it might be small traumas that build up over time, such as the minor tears that occur when a man masturbates with no lube. Eventually the scar tissue in one area doesn’t allow the penis to expand as it should, and the organ then bends too far to one side.

Other points to ponder about the penis

There are a few other things to keep in mind about a healthy penis. Many men worry about the color of their penis, but the fact is that the penis can come in many colors - from a pale white to a dark red, almost purple, are common. The penis is usually a slightly darker hue than a man’s overall skin tone. But if a guy has dark spots on what is otherwise a lighter-colored penis, that might be cause to visit the doctor to rule out any problems.

To help ensure good penis health, a guy should inspect his penis every day for signs of things that might be going wrong. While he’s doing that inspection, he can help ensure even better health by using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A good crème will include a multitude of healthy vitamins, such as C and D, as well as Shea butter, a high-end emollient. Antioxidants and amino acids round out the beneficial ingredients of the best health crème on the market.