It’s no secret that penis size is a topic that is frequently on the minds of many men, as our culture has become obsessed with equating size with satisfaction (despite studies that reveal that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to pleasing a partner). While penis size discussions usually deal with questions of length, girth is also a factor. Indeed, many people have stated that a thick penis is more desirable than a long one, assuming that issues of penis health are equal in either case. Yet some men continue to feel self-conscious about a thick penis, especially if they feel the thickness makes the entire package appear shorter. The truth is, they needn’t feel that way.

A thick penis may be "better."

Penis size discussions tend to ignore the fact that the mass of the member is really only a relatively small part of the equation. Except in cases of a true micropenis, a man is going to possess a penis that is large enough to satisfy a partner. The nerve endings that create an orgasmic response in women are located in the "near" section of the vagina, so for most women, even a small penis is capable of producing the desired response.

That said, there still may be a slight advantage for a man with a thick penis when it comes to sex, in comparison to another man with the exact same set of sexual skills but with a somewhat thinner member. This is because the thicker penis stretches the vagina during intercourse, creating potentially greater stimulation of those nerve endings.

However, that stretching has to be handled appropriately. With that in mind, here are a few tips for the man with a thick penis (or the woman who is involved with such a man):

Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate. The thicker the piece, the more challenging the penetration - and the more challenging the penetration, the more painful. Using lubricant can help to ease the entry into the vagina, making intercourse more pleasurable for both parties.

Go easy. Lubrication by itself may not be sufficient to make the initial entrance enjoyable for a woman. All men need to incorporate adequate foreplay into their lovemaking, but this is especially true for the man with the "well-rounded" member. Manually and orally attending to the vagina is a good start, but don’t forget the breasts, ears and any other parts that the particular woman finds sensual. And when the time comes for actual penetrating, it’s important not to simply force it in. Ease it in, and if there is resistance, withdraw and indulge in a little more foreplay. And by all means, if a woman expresses pain, verbally or otherwise, then withdraw.

Consider positions. When a man has a large penis, the woman often needs to have more control over the sexual activity; this enables her to make adjustments if she is experiencing discomfort due to penis size. For that reason, missionary is not usually the best choice for sex with a thick penis. Flipping things and letting the woman be on top usually affords her more control. Some women also express a preference for the "Column" position, in which the woman stands with her legs close together while the male penetrates from behind. This position works best if there is not a tremendous height difference between the man and the woman.

A man with a thick penis or a thin one (or a man with any penis size) must take steps to keep it healthy. A first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) applied regularly can help. Since men who are sexually active (either with a partner or with themselves) may end up with a sore penis from frequent use, finding a crème with the right hydrating elements is crucial. One with both a high end emollient (like shea butter) and a natural moisturizer (like vitamin E) can provide soothing relief to a raw member. Frequent use can often also lead to some loss of sensation due to peripheral nerve damage in the penis. A crème with acetyl L carnitine, which is neuroprotective, can aid in keeping penis sensitivity at the proper level.