It happens to everyone: A great workout at the gym is followed by a morning of muscle pain. A boisterous bout of sex begets penis soreness. Showing off that never-before-attempted basketball twist brings about an intense ache in the back. Muscle pain is inevitable, but general proper health routines, including appropriate penis care, can help to alleviate common aches.

Prevention is preferable.

As everyone knows, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so keeping soreness from occurring in the first place is the best option when possible. There are several things a man can do to ward off soreness from the get-go.

- Warm-up and stretch. It’s basic, but guys tend to forget it - especially when they’re overconfident or participating in a sport or activity in which they have a lot of experience. Nevertheless, warming up and stretching properly is the most important key to avoiding muscle pain.

- Water up. A well-hydrated body is less prone to make mistakes that lead to aches and pains. Besides, exercising uses up copious amounts of water that simply need to be replaced for overall health.

- Pace oneself. It’s important to push oneself, but only so far - and only for so long. Going beyond the mark for an extended period of time makes the body more likely to stress itself, leading to lingering soreness and pain.

Treatment is good.

Prevention is preferable, but when muscle pain occurs, proper treatment is essential. The sooner a man gets started treating the pain, the sooner it goes away. Some basic tips for treating muscle soreness include:

- Shower as soon as possible - using warm and cold water. Alternating 30-40 seconds of cold water with 30-40 seconds of warm water helps to stimulate blood flow, which in turns helps to ease muscle pain.

- Ice up. Apply an ice pack (or a pack of frozen peas) wrapped in a thin towel to sore areas, as this can help to reduce swelling and the pain associated with inflamed muscles.

- Rub down. Massage, anyone? Now that’s a welcome way to work the soreness out of those tired muscles.

Penis soreness.

The penis, as most men know, belongs in a class by itself. While it certainly is possible to obtain a sore penis through outright injury, such as might occur when kicked in the crotch, most of the time penis soreness results from a more pleasurable activity - and from too much of a good thing.

For example, stroking of the organ without adequate lubrication can result in a very raw tool indeed - but in many cases, the man is enjoying the sensations during the stroking too much to worry about after-effects. At other times, a man may simply be engaging in sexual activity (partner- or solo-based) for such an extended length of time that the penis simply "wears itself out."

For common penis soreness, the best treatment is a combination of rest and the application of an appropriate penis health cream. Resting the penis allows time for the soreness to subside; because of the extreme sensitivity of penis skin, it’s unwise (and counter-productive) to engage in icing the member. (Warm-cold showers, however, may be of some benefit, but it’s essential that the temperature is not extreme in either direction.)

The penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) selected should be one that includes a combination of moisturizers - such as a high-end emollient (Shea butter is a good one) and a natural hydrator (vitamin E is excellent). The cream should be applied after the skin has been lightly dried by a towel, so that the moisturizers are able to combine with the dampness of the surface skin. It’s also best to select a cream that includes L-arginine; this ingredient helps create nitric oxide, which in turn can aid in proper blood flow. Since unimpeded blood flow is needed for optimal penis health, any element that improves blood flow is useful to a man with a throbbing member.