It’s no secret: Guys tend to spend a lot of time thinking about their penises. And there is no shortage of products on the market that reflect this preoccupation. Some products promise to make the member larger, playing off common anxieties men have about their size; these are best avoided. Some promote penis health - for example, condoms and skin care products - and these should be embraced.

And then there are the more…eccentric options. The man with a sense of humor about his "mini-me" may be delighted to discover the wacky, wonderful world of penis accessories right at his fingertips (through online shopping, that is). A man can give himself, his friends and his lovers the gift of laughter with one of the following penis-themed products.

Penis Candy

Ever told someone to "eat a bag of" you-know-whats? Well, now they can. Penis-shaped candies are fun to look at and fun to eat. Whether it’s a surprise deliver to a friend, an unexpected stocking stuffer or a treat for oneself, penis candy is sure to deliver.

Proud Keychain

An "I Heart My Penis" keychain will tell the world just how proud a man is of his member. While this may seem like a "cocky" move, there’s potential for a message here. With so many men fretting about how their manhoods "measure up," proclaiming pride in what one’s got is a body-positive statement.

Balls Ornament

Christmas is right around the corner, and along with the traditional tree hangings, a man might mix it up this year and hang something new on the branch - an ornament unabashedly depicting a pair of testicles.

Willy Warmer

Just in time for those chilly fall nights and mornings! Marketed as a "heater for the peter," the willy warmer is a knit sweater made just for the penis and balls. Stay cozy.

Penis Toaster

Serve up a hilarious breakfast to friends with some toast made in this special appliance, which burns the likeness of a penis and sack onto the bread. A pat of butter in just the right place can amplify the impact.

Dick Towel

Turn something as mundane as stepping out of the shower into a laugh-fest with this towel, featuring the image of legs and a censored portion where the manhood would be.

4-D Anatomical Model

For the man of science, there’s no cooler penis-themed product than a detailed anatomical model of the male reproductive system. Revel in the internal structures of the penis with this colorful, detailed replica.

Penis Mug

Want to give that special foggy-eyed friend a real start with her coffee in the morning? Or turn an innocent cup of hot cocoa into a scandalous affair? There are plenty of penis-themed mugs out there to do the trick. From simply printing the word on the mug to making statements about the member’s size to fashioning the mug’s handle in the shape of a penis, manufacturers have it covered.

These products are only the tip of the iceberg. Indulging in fun penis-themed accessories gives men a way to embrace their fondness of their manhoods while spreading the laughter. See what else is out there.

But don’t stop with silly treats; it’s a great idea to also invest in products that promote penile health. Along with quality lubes and condoms, men should consider a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that moisturizes and soothes dry, sore skin. Most men spend ample time handling their penises, and frequent use can chafe the skin, eventually leaving it less sensitive to sensation. Man1 Man Oil contains both Shea butter and vitamin E, which work in different ways to keep the skin smooth, soft and supple. Such a product is a gift to oneself that keeps on giving in the form of healthier, more sensitive skin.