It is no news that penis size is a major concern for many men, and that sometimes men will explore all sorts of options in pursuit of a longer or thicker penis. In some cases, such pursuits may also bring about penis pain, raising the question of whether it is worthwhile to risk some penis health issues in pursuit of greater penis size. One popular method men may try for expanding their penis is the use of penis weights. Does this option result in penis pain?

The method

The basic premise behind penis weights is simplicity itself, and on the surface it seems an imminently logical way to add length to the member. For this reason, it is one of the more popular methods for a man to try. However, as shall soon be apparent, it is also likely to result in some pain and discomfort, which does limit its long-term continued use among many men who decide to give it a try.

In most cases, using penis weights is simple. A sturdy strap is attached around the penis, often just below the head. The strap may be of varying lengths. At the other end of the strap, a weight or weights is attached. The weight pulls the penis downward, stretching it out. The greater the weight, the more forceful the pull and stretch.

Typically, beginners start with the lightest weights and gradually build up to more or heavier weights in order to extend the pull and stretch.

Different sources will suggest different minimum and maximum lengths of time to undergo the stretching, as well as weights to employ. The frequency with which the process should be repeated also varies from one source to another.

Does it work?

The theory behind stretching the penis via penis weights is that repeated application of sufficient weights will cause the penile tissue to stretch, thereby resulting in a longer penis.

As to whether it works - well, that is a source of debate among many people. Certainly there have been no carefully designed trials to determine whether they truly do make a difference or not. Many, many people, especially doctors, believe they produce no benefits and that the risk associated with them is far too great to justify their use.

Some men do insist, however, that using them over and over for a long period of time does result in some penile lengthening. How much gain is achieved, and whether that gain is strictly discernible when the penis is flaccid - and therefore whether the erect penis is also lengthened - is also up for debate.

Penis pain

What is not up for debate is that use of penis weights does indeed carry the risk of penis pain - and potentially of long term penis damage. Hanging weights from the penis is bound to result in some pain, as the organ is extremely sensitive to such pressure.

More problematic than transient penis pain, however, is the potential for bruising, which could create greater pain of a longer lasting nature, and the real possibility of rupturing penis blood vessels, which can have a negative effect on erectile ability. In addition, the tearing of tissue can result in a loss of sensitivity to the penis.

For health reasons, penis weights are not advised. Those who do use them should be aware of the risks.

Penis pain, due to penis weights or other reasons, will be less problematic if the overall health of the organ is maintained. Consistent application of a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help. Choose a crème with soothing moisturizing agents, such as Shea butter and vitamin E, which can restore elasticity and suppleness to overworked penis skin. A crème that also contains acetyl L carnitine is recommended, especially if loss of penis sensitivity is an issue. This ingredient is neuroprotective and helps prevent peripheral nerve damage and the loss of sensation that accompanies it.