Many men have anxieties and insecurities surrounding their penises; one of the most common is concern about size, even though about 95% of men are within average size range, and average is more than sufficient for achieving and providing sexual pleasure. A less prevalent but still noteworthy concern men sometimes express involves penis wrinkles. Are they a sign of poor penis health? What causes them? Can they be prevented or treated? The following information will help men better understand penile wrinkles - their causes as well as some preventive measures.

Why wrinkles?

There are several reasons for wrinkles to appear on the manhood.

One is the simple fact that penile skin must be able to expand in order to allow for growth during erections. This means the skin must be able to stretch when the penis is getting hard and then contract again when a man is soft. When the skin is contracted, it is bound to present with some bunching and wrinkling, since the skin that smooths out and tightens during erections is not being stretched out in the soft state. Some men have more of these normal, unpreventable wrinkles than others because the length of their penises increases more significantly from the soft to hard state.

But not all wrinkles are caused by nature. Collagen is a component of skin that helps keep it tight; if a man handles his penis roughly, such as by practicing dry masturbation over the years, he may cause accelerated breakdown of collagen in his penile skin, which in turn can lead to more wrinkles. Collagen breakdown occurs normally as a person ages; this cause of wrinkles can’t be prevented.

One final cause of wrinkles, on the penis and elsewhere, is inadequate hydration. The amount of water a man drinks influences his skin’s health and appearance. If a man doesn’t drink enough water, he’s more prone to wrinkles in general.


Some wrinkling of the penis skin, as seen above, is natural and cannot be stopped. Men should rest easy knowing that this is not a phenomenon unique to them; while the penises they see on adult videos are likely to be smooth since they are erect, he should not compare his own manhood to those.

But men can work to maintain healthy skin by 1) using lubricant while masturbating, and 2) drinking plenty of water. Protecting the skin from excess friction will not only help keep wrinkles at bay, but dryness, chafing and soreness as well. And staying hydrated will benefit all a man’s systems, not only his skin.

While many of men’s insecurities concerning their penises are unwarranted, it’s always good to remain vigilant of any perceived abnormalities and to assess the condition of the penile skin. Not only is the skin an important part of how appealing the member looks and feels to a partner, but it is what stands between stimuli and the penile nerves. Healthy skin promotes the ability to experience pleasurable sensations, and a man doesn’t want to experience a reduction in penile sensitivity.

In order to maintain optimal skin health, there are steps one can take along with using lubricant and staying hydrated. Regular washing, using protection during sex and applying a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily are all wise choices. The moisturizers in Man1 Man Oil will help heal dry, chafed skin. This product also contains vitamin C, which has skin-firming properties that could help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the manhood. Taking care of the penile skin is an excellent way for a man to show his member some extra love, and the attention to detail will pay off in the form of improved look and feel.