For some couples, period sex is just unappealing, and that’s fine. But for those who are interested, there’s no reason not to indulge! Some men may have questions about having sex with a menstruating woman, and learning the facts, including benefits for her and maintaining a man’s penis health, will help a man know what to expect.

It’s not harmful.

Some people worry that having sex with a woman on her period may cause her to bleed more. While this may be true in the short-term - the movements of sex can cause a higher rate of blood flow - in the long-term a woman will not bleed more than she would have eventually.

It can actually help her.

Orgasms have the potential to relieve a woman’s menstrual cramps; the contractions that the uterus undergoes during a woman’s release can have a massaging effect that reduces pain. Orgasms can also relieve certain PMS symptoms like headaches and mood swings, since climax is accompanied by a rush of feel-good endorphins. Note: A couple doesn’t need to have sex for a woman to orgasm, so oral, manual or toy play are all great options.

Mess tips

There is bound to be some mess during period sex. While a couple may be just fine with that, there are steps partners can take to cut down on it.

One obvious method is to place a towel down on the bed or surface beneath the partners. Another is to choose positions wisely. If a woman is on her back, there will likely be less outward blood flow. There will be even less mess if her legs are lifted in the air.


Some sexually transmitted infections are passed through blood, including hepatitis B and HIV. If a partner has a blood-borne infection, transmission is more likely when the woman is on her period. Both partners should be up-to-date on their STI testing before having sex in general, and particularly period sex.


Blood can serve as a source of natural lubrication, which both partners may enjoy.

She may enjoy it more.

Some women feel heightened arousal and vaginal sensitivity when they have their periods. This could translate to more enjoyable sex on their end.

For women who are feeling self-conscious about having sex on their periods, communication is key. Many women are worried that their partners will be "grossed out" by the sight of the blood and/or by the smell of it. However, many men are not at all squeamish about such things. Knowing this can help a woman feel more comfortable with the activity.

For couples who don’t want to take a break from sex when a woman is on her period but also want to forego the mess, there are menstrual cups designed for the purpose. They fit inside a woman’s vagina to keep the blood in place. Not all menstrual cups are made to be worn during sex; a woman should ensure she has one specifically made for this purpose before using it during intercourse.

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