Do you know what’s kind of ironic? I never once thought of myself as the type of guy who could pick up a gorgeous girl. I have always thought of myself as a little plain. You know, not good looking enough, and not having that charismatic touch that just seems to draw girls one-by-one. Now, I just laugh at these crazy thoughts that I once had in my head, because, recently, I found the best gimmick ever for picking up girls; one that lands me that stunningly gorgeous gal every time. 

Do you want to know my how I do it? Well, let me take you back to when I first discovered this pickup secret. 

It all began one Saturday evening last summer. I had decided to have a party and invite all of my friends. Of course, some of those friends told their friends, and also their friends-of-friends, so that the number of people who arrived at my home was probably a little more than I had anticipated. But, this is half of the fun when having a party, right? Especially when some of the friends-of-friends are absolutely stunning girls and you can’t take your eyes off of them. 

On the day of the party, I made sure that everything was ready before I went and showered. When I had finished, I got out, dried myself, and then reached for my Man1, which I apply after showering.

Now, for those of you who are wondering just what Man1 is, let me just say that this is my manhood moisturizer. It keeps the skin of my peppino in optimal condition as it contains all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that ensure maximum peppino health.  Anyway, after applying my Man Man Oil, I placed it in its usual place on my dresser, which was normal, and then I got dressed. 

A short time later, there was a knock at the door, which I answered, and there stood a group of my friends with their friends-of-friends. So, I let them in. Then I saw her.  She was petite and ever so hot. In fact, this girl seriously was enough to make me drool. She was wearing tiny denim shorts and a pink tee, and even though she wasn’t all that tall she had the longest legs I had ever seen. Her wavy black hair went all the way down her  back and seemed to tickle her perfectly peachy backside. I remember thinking about how tantalizingly delicious this whole scene was, and trying to figure out just how I could get to know this girl a little better. Then, I shrugged it off as a silly idea (after all just look at poor mister average me.) and I started partying with my friends. 

A little later, after a drink or two, I bumped into this girl in my kitchen. She was mixing a drink and I knocked her elbow as I went to the fridge. I apologized, she smiled, and I smiled back. 

“Nice place you have here,” she said. 

“Yep,” I replied, even though I thought it was a dump. 

I couldn’t take my eyes off hers. They were the prettiest green I had ever seen. So, we just stood there and stared, that is until she smiled and then giggled. Her whole face lit up and she just oozed warmth. 

“Hey,” I said, “Would you like me to show you around.”

“Sure,” she said. 

I thought that all of my birthdays and Christmases had come at once, and then I said, “Well come on then.” And I took her by the hand. 

Her touch was warm and it travelled straight to my manhood, which was beginning to stir.

I led her from room-to-room and we chatted about the décor and furnishings, and other points of interest in my home. We were getting along famously and when we finally made it to my bedroom, I almost choked. There on my dresser sat my bottle of Man1. She instantly saw it, picked it up, and then asked what it was for. I couldn’t help but blush, and she smiled. Her soft, red lips were ever so inviting. So, I took a deep breath and began telling her all about my Man1Man Oil and how I used it daily to keep my manhood in optimal condition. That’s when she asked me how I applied it. 

“Where do you start, when you put it on,” she said. 

“From the base,” I said. “And then I move on up.” 

She smiled. 

And, don’t ask me how I had the nerve, but I actually said, “I can show you, if you’d like,” I said. 

She nodded ever so slowly as she bit her bottom lip, and then muttered, “Ah huh.” 

Then she wandered over to my bedroom door and closed it. 

I couldn’t help but watch her backside move in those tight little shorts. They were ever so cheeky. My manhood must have also liked what he saw, because he was beginning to pay more attention. 

When she returned to my side, she asked me to show her how to apply my Man1. And, well, let me just say that one thing led to another. 

I recall thinking after that party that maybe this occasion had just been a coincidence, but no, I’ve had many parties since, and I must say that my Man1 Man Oil leads to a great deal of fun. So, I now make sure that I leave my Man1 out on my dresser, because it works every time. 

Picking up girls has never been this easy for me, and I put it down to using the best gimmick ever… my Man1, which is a peppino health creme that keeps my peppino looking great, staying healthy and feeling greater than ever. 

“I, personally wouldn’t be without it, but just remember that Man1 can be used for manual stimulation, which can be just as much fun.”  

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