When a guy’s penis feels good, sex feels good - whether it’s sex with a partner or with himself. (That’s one of the primary reasons why men make it a habit of keeping an eye on their penis health.) But when a man has a sore penis, it can have a big impact on sex. Sometimes it makes it far less pleasurable; other times that sore penis may keep a guy from having sex altogether - and no man likes that, especially when the sexual urge is strong within him. Still, the occasional sore penis is a fact of life for just about every man, so let’s investigate a few tips to help prevent or treat a sore penis.


- Don’t be afraid of lubrication. One of the most common causes of a sore penis is rawness due to friction, and that tends to result from engaging in sex - partner-based or solo - without sufficient lubrication. Yes, the penis does tend to produce pre-seminal fluid which provides some lubrication, and yes, a woman’s body also creates natural lubricants. But in many cases, this is not sufficient to the task at hand. Some men (and women) feel embarrassed at needing to use a lubricant, but doing so can play a big role in preventing a sore penis.

- Reapply the lubricant. Some guys are good at using an initial dose of lubricant, but then don’t reapply it if it gets worn off. Granted, it’s not so romantic to stop some great sex to withdraw the member and re-lubricate it; but doing so pays off in the long run. And if a guy is engaging in very length sex - and especially masturbating for an extended period of time - reapplication is key.

- Engage in foreplay. One reason some couples need to utilize lubricant is because they skimp on the foreplay, which thus impairs their bodies’ ability to produce their own lubricants. Spending some extra time on foreplay can in many cases negate the need for additional lubrication.

- Use a well-fitting condom. A condom that fits correctly is important for several reasons; one of them is that it can contribute to penile soreness, especially if it is too tight. In addition, condom use greatly decreases the chances of getting a sexually-transmitted infection, which can in turn cause a seriously sore penis.

- Relax the grip. One of the most valuable tips for masturbation: Don’t use a grip that is too tight for too long. This can create a friction situation that rubs the penis raw, leading both to soreness and to a loss of sensitivity in the penis, which no guy wants.

- Switch things up. For those men whose sexual escapades continue at length, it often helps to switch positions once or twice. Trying a new position means that different parts of the penis will receive stimulation, and this may help prevent the over-stimulation that can lead to a sore penis.

- Communicate. Often a partner may be making moves or otherwise handling the penis in an undesirable way. It pays to speak up about what doesn’t feel good - and what does - so the partner can make changes as necessary.

These tips can help prevent a sore penis, but what happens if a guy gets soreness anyway? Assuming the cause is related to basic overuse, application of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can be beneficial. Overworked penis skin needs to be remoisturized, so the ideal crème will contain two moisturizing agents, such as Shea butter (an acclaimed emollient) and vitamin E (one of nature’s best hydrators). The skin also needs to be strengthened, which a crème with a powerful antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, can supply. The antioxidant will attack excess free radicals that can cause oxidative stress.