What’s that smell? Is it Limburger or just a man’s penis? Penis odor is something every man deals with, and he should take every measure to prevent a stinky penis. Every man needs to know what causes it and how to avoid it in the future. Read on to find out 6 easy tricks to ban odor from the boner.

What Causes Penis Odor?

Several things can cause penis odor, but thankfully, they are easy to treat and prevent. Here are a few of the most common causes:

- Lax hygiene

- Smegma

- Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

- Balanitis

- Yeast infection

- Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Now, let’s talk about how a man can prevent penis odor.

Prevent Penis Odor Rule #1: Give It Some Air

Aside from men currently residing in nudist colonies, most men pack their penis in tight undies and trousers each day for hours on end without any airflow. All this time in a warm, sweaty atmosphere can lead to a very stinky penis. A man needs to loosen things up to air out the funk.

- Buy underwear made of cotton, bamboo, or dry-wicking material.

- Favor looser Underoos instead of tight ones (this allows the penis some air and also aids in less compression, which preserves penile sensitivity).

- Say goodbye to the nut-huggers and too-skinny jeans (or at least wear them less often and for less time).

Prevent Penis Odor Rule #2: A Shake Is Not Enough

It’s time to stop relying on a shake alone to finish off after a good wee. Instead, wipe off the penis with toilet paper, or those little drops of urine that dribbled instead of shook will find a home in a man’s Hanes. The already warm, moist environment accepts them, and then the penis stews in that for a few hours, resulting in some gag-worthy penis odor.

Pro Note: If a man is not circumcised, he should be sure to pull back the foreskin when wiping the penis to prevent urine from irritating the penis and causing a big stink.

Prevent Penis Odor Rule #3: Infection Correction

Of course, an STI can lead to the odorous stench in a man’s undercarriage, but other infections like UTIs and yeast infections also can lead to a stinky penis. UTIs occur when bacteria have found their way to the urinary tract, often resulting in a fishy smell. Yeast infections materialize when there is an overgrowth of naturally occurring yeast in the body that makes the penis smell kind of moldy.

See a doctor for diagnosis and treatment for all infections.

Prevent Penis Odor Rule #4: Get a Haircut

That lower beard could be housing a bunch of things like bacteria, oils, urine, and other fluids and emissions. Take a weed-whacker to the brush below and trim that love garden up. It’ll remove odors and clear a path for visitors.

Prevent Penis Odor Rule #5: The Post-coital Clean

After a man shows his O-face, he should promise a cuddle and then head immediately to the bathroom. Take off the condom and dispose of it immediately if that applies. Then, urinate to remove bacteria from the inner area and then give the penis a quick, but thorough, cleaning to remove any bacteria, sweat, and love foam on the outside.

Prevent Penis Odor Rule #6: Up your hygiene game (or get one!)

It seems like an essential thing, but there are plenty of dudes who skip it (those who just let the water trickle on the penis during a shower) or do it half-heartedly: it’s cleaning the member. Wash the penis daily (more if exercising or sexing) with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Pull back the foreskin and give the whole area a soft, yet comprehensive washing. When done, rinse well. Pat dry with a soft towel (never rub) or air dry.

Finally, take hygiene to the next level with a specially formulated penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). These oils incorporate prominent penis health promoters like vitamin A, which is an antibacterial agent, and vitamin C, which promotes healthy cellular function, builds collagen, and refreshes the penis. Penis oils also moisturize the penis, preventing cracks in the skin that can invite bacteria and infection.