All men have a certain amount of penis pride and like to celebrate the fact that they are blessed with a penis to bring themselves (and others) pleasure. Whether sporting a firm erect penis or modeling a hanging-about softie, there are certain times when a man simply wishes other people could view, appreciate and hopefully compliment his package. A man who regularly engages in proper penis care most likely has a good looking penis to share; however, there are only certain occasions in which this is proper - or legal. It's very important to make sure that any genital exhibitionism is performed under appropriate circumstances.

The privacy of home

A man is definitely within his rights to strut around naked in his own home; however, if others are present, make sure they are comfortable with peeking at your penis. When it's your significant other, the chances are good that they're okay with it; when it's your mother-in-law...better not to take the chance. (Unless, of course, she's a nudist.)


Selfies are all over the place online, many of which include ample views of men and their tools - and sometimes nothing but the tools. Posting a pic of a popped-up penis online can help fulfill one's need to share - but a guy needs to be careful. Follow certain rules, such as:

  • Never post on a site that is accessible by minors.
  • If the site on which you post accepts frowns on an erect penis - calm yourself.
  • Think carefully about any personal information you share; identity thieves and other predators are everywhere.
  • Very carefully consider whether you want to be easily identifiable. What will your employer (or your wife or friends, etc.) think if your selfie clearly shows your face? Is this something that will come back to haunt you in the future?

A nude beach or camp

Many places designate specific beaches as "clothing optional." A nude beach is a great place to let it all hang out for all to see (and a great place to check out other people).

However, remember that being nude on the beach is not the same thing as having sex on the beach, which is generally prohibited. An erect penis is fine; that's part of nature. But suggestively exhibiting an erection in order to be provocative is not okay.

Many people believe that a Swedish court recently ruled that masturbation on a nudist beach is legal; that's not exactly true. The court ruled that a man who gave himself a "sandy handy" was not guilty of sexual assault (with which he had been charged) because he was not directing his sexual activity at any person; it is still to be determined whether other charges, such as public indecency or disorderly conduct, would have been dropped.

Nudist camps, where practicing naturalists gather, are also excellent places to be nude; however, as with the beaches, the emphasis is on nudity, not on sexual activity.

The locker room, sauna, etc.

Everyone lets it all hang out before and after their workouts, so the gym locker room is a great place to exhibit your penis pride. Many men find it exhilarating and liberating to stand around buck naked while they talk about the big game this weekend or about the hot date they have lined up for later.

What if a guy has an erect penis? That depends on the man. Some feel embarrassed by this, but others take it in their stride and enjoy letting others see them in this state. What's important, as in other public nudity situations, is not to be harassing another person with the erection or to be engaging in masturbation around others in the locker room or sauna.

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