With summer comes the bright sun, warm temperatures, pool parties, road trips, and all sorts of summer fun activities that take advantages of the great outdoors. A man who wants to spend time with family and friends might find that this time of year is the absolute best to get out and play. He might also want to take a special look at his penis care regimen, as what the delicate penis skin needed during the winter is not the same as what it needs during the summer.

Maintaining penis sensitivity should be important at any time, but there are some times of year when a little extra work is in order to be sure the penis doesn’t suffer. Here’s how to prevent summertime problems.

1. Indulge in a great sunscreen. Many a man likes to bare it all during the summer, and there are plenty of ways he can get away with it. If his backyard is enclosed, a little bit of skinny dipping might be in order. Nude beaches are also a fun activity, as are some nudist resorts and events. But before jumping in, a man must take care to protect his penis skin with a sunscreen that contains SPF 30 or more…in fact, SPF 50 (usually recommended for the most sensitive skin) is even better. Apply it liberally and often to ensure no sunburn on the most delicate parts.

2. Rinse off. Summer means water, including pools, spas, lakes, streams and even the ocean. Along with all that fun comes things that nobody wants all over their body, such as bacteria, chlorine, sea salt and other things that are best not mentioned. A man can help ensure the best penis health by rinsing off thoroughly when he comes out of the water. Use the showers at the pool or beach. In a pinch, a guy can rinse off with a bottle of water, making sure to get the area around his penis as clean as possible.

3. Stay well hydrated. The body needs water to survive, and most people have learned that the more water a person sips, the better they feel overall. When it comes to penis skin, all that water helps keep all layers of skin hydrated, leading to less dry skin issues. And of course, the more smooth and supple the skin is, the more likely penis sensitivity won’t be affected adversely.

4. Shave carefully. Summertime means tight-fitting shorts and swimsuits, which is a great reason for a guy to shave around the package. Not only does this look much more attractive, it also cuts down on sweat pooling on the hair around the penis, which in turn helps lessen the odor issues a man might have emanating from down there. When shaving, be careful to use a trimmer with guards - if using a razor, be very careful to not create little nicks or cuts that could later lead to infection.

5. Opt for immediate relief. If the penis begins to chafe, burn or dry out, take immediate steps to remedy the problem. This might include using a lubricant, such as runners use to prevent their package from rubbing against their thighs, or it might mean using a powder to absorb some sweat and ease chafed areas. Never let a strange sensation continue, as this can lead to thickening of the skin and eventually affect penis sensitivity. The sooner it is handled, the sooner a man can go back to his summertime fun.

And above all, a man should take care to enhance his daily penis health regimen with a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . Look for a crème that contains vitamin A for odor-fighting and vitamin B5 for healthy tissue, as well as additional vitamins and nutrients that promote penis sensitivity. Protect penis skin with a combination of vitamin E and Shea butter, which create a smooth base that will lead to supple, hydrated skin.