A rash that occurs on penis skin can be a relatively harmless thing particularly if the rash is truly a rash and not an open sore or bump; is relatively painless and begins to disappear after a few days. However, a penile rash depending on its nature can require medical treatment but the majority of rashes come from frequent masturbation, aggressive sex or rough, even tight, clothing and allergies and often can be treated at home using a penis health creme which will help protect against many of the more innocent causes of a penis rash.

Rashes and STD’s

Though occurring infrequently there are a number of sexually transmitted diseases whose symptoms include a rash around the penis, and a penile rash may mean that an infection has occurred. Knowing exactly which STD is being dealt with can be tricky due to the number of diseases that can cause rash-like symptoms.

• Herpes - herpes is a fairly common genital infection that can manifest itself as a series of bumps around the penis. These bumps can become sore and lead to the spreading of a rash around the genitals. Sores may also seep pus, which can spread the infection to sexual partners. Although herpes is common and many people suffer with the rash, there is no known cure for it - instead, sufferers have to take a series of anti-viral treatments to combat the symptoms

• Syphilis - syphilis is a particularly dangerous STD which, if untreated, can sometimes lead to permanent damage. Initially, symptoms include bumps or open sores around sexual organs and other areas like the mouth. Over time a rash can develop which can be present on the penis but also may form on the hands and the feet. If nothing is done at this secondary stage, syphilis can eventually lead to brain damage and even death. Syphilis is, however, relatively easy to treat if the disease is diagnosed early enough

• Scabies - scabies isn’t an STD in the traditional sense, but rather it is a rash caused by mites and ticks. The parasites are spread via skin to skin contact and lay their eggs under the skin of the carrier. This laying of eggs causes a painful sensation that can lead to a rash. However, a simple specified cream can eliminate any scabies parasites.

Rashes and Non-STD’s

Although some of the more serious rashes are caused by STDs, there are also many other factors that can lead to the experiencing of a rash on the penile skin that have nothing to do with infections.

• Aggressive sex - aggressive sex can cause the skin of the penis to become sore, irritated, red and result in a rash. A rash resulting from rough sexual play will often be present immediately following sex and will tend to fade over several days. However, in the interim, the rash can be unsightly and cause penis skin to be sensitive and sore.

• Frequent masturbation – similarly, to much masturbation can cause the penis skin to become dry and sore, which can eventually lead to skin irritation and redness and the spreading of a rash. Penis emollients and penile creams like Man1 Man Oil can help prevent this from occurring.

• Constricting clothes - something as simple as tight underwear can cause penile skin rashes, as the clothes chafe against the skin and cause problems. Underwear should always be changed frequently and different styles should be worn at regular intervals

• Allergies - sometimes, the simple ingredients in washing detergents can cause allergic reactions that lead to rashes. Changing the detergent can help with this problem. Other allergic reactions can occur from latex condoms and certain spermacides.

Although some of the causes of penile rash will need medication and medical expertise, there are a number of things that can be done as a regular practice to lessen the chances of developing a penile rash, particularly if frequent masturbation or aggressive sex is an inherent part of a person’s sexual practice and enjoyment. Using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) will help keep penis skin smooth and alleviate any dry or irritated patches on penis skin. A penis health crème or emollient, that contains penis specific vitamins and minerals, is formulated to revitalize penis skin and ensure simple rashes are alleviated.