Any man who says he has never felt like he needed a boost of energy from time to time is either lying - or he is Superman. Every man feels sluggish from time to time, and unfortunately, it can be painfully obvious when he is lacking in sexual energy. Nothing is worse than having a brain that is willing and ready to go - and a body that simply is not. Luckily, there are some measures a man can take to drastically reduce the tired turtle syndrome and ensure his that manhood is energetic and ready for action whenever he is. Learn more about keeping the penis healthy and maintaining an energetic erection with a simple change most men can make today.

Get an All-over Body Boost with Vitamin B5

Most people know that getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is important, but they may have no idea what each individual vitamin does in the body. Well, vitamin B5 is one nutrient that everybody needs to become more familiar with. It works in the body to turn food into energy; and it is essential to one’s body functioning on every level. B5 helps the body create healthy red blood cells - the ones that carry vital oxygen to all parts of the body (including the penis) - and it also boosts the body’s immune functioning, helping to stave off illness and infection. But that’s not all B5 does. It helps the body break down and metabolize protein, synthesizes cholesterol and fat, and regulates blood sugars to keep up energy levels and prevent that energy "crash."

B5 seems like a vitamin everyone should just stock up on and call it good, but unfortunately, it is water-soluble, which means it easily passes through the body in the urine, and unused stores are excreted daily. So, to keep the body pumped up with B5, one needs to replenish their supply each and every day for maximum benefit.

Vitamin B5 and the Penis

Not only is B5 a super mood and energy booster (who needs caffeine?); it has also been found to directly impact the penis in a positive way. Studies have shown that the vitamin actually creates a natural boost in a man’s testosterone level - how cool is that? Testosterone, of course, is the male hormone that largely factors into a man’s sexual interest and abilities. As men age, the body naturally produces less testosterone, which not only changes his muscle-to-fat ratio, but it can lead to some rather frustrating problems in the bedroom. Given that B5 works in two ways on the penis - both by increasing the energy level to a man’s entire body and by bumping up the testosterone, most men are going to be wondering how and where to get this amazing vitamin.

How to Get Vitamin B5

Luckily, men are getting some B5 in their daily food intake without trying too hard, but selecting B5 rich foods can ensure the daily quota is hit every day. Foods like tuna, salmon, mushrooms, eggs, beef, pistachios and legumes all contain the glorious vitamin. Of course, vitamin supplements are available over the counter, too, for men who fear they aren’t getting enough of the nutrient in their diet.

Additionally, men who really want to benefit the penis can use a topical penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contains B5 along with other specially formulated penis-specific vitamins. Not only does a vitamin cream grant fast access to the nutrient; a man can also apply it directly where he needs it most - on the manhood. Taking in B5 in this manner allows fast absorption and a more direct path to the penile tissues. Simply apply daily after the shower, and enjoy the benefits of a more energetic erection.