The foreskin is a perfect penis protection device. That little wrapper of skin keeps sensitive skin from rubbing up on fabrics, and that could mean that uncut men feel just a little more when the clothes hit the floor and sex starts in earnest. But the foreskin can also cause problems from time to time, and when that happens, a red penis can pop up. Itching, pain and overall discomfort quickly follow. Fortunately, proper penis care can help. Here are four tips to hasten a man’s recovery.

1) Try Soaks, Not Showers

Red penis problems caused by the foreskin often involve bacteria that are trapped underneath the wrapper. Pulling back the foreskin and scrubbing the area is an ideal way to make the issue go away, but it's not unusual for infections to come with inflammation. That means it might be impossible for men to pull back their damaged tissues to wash the bacteria away.

Warm baths may help. When skin is warmed by water, it tends to become softer and much more flexible. That means a man might be able to pull back his foreskin after a bath, even if he is not able to do so when he's cold.

Even if guys can't pull the foreskin back, by sitting in a bath, they're allowing at least some water to creep up into the space between the penis and the foreskin. That could help the infection subside, which might mean that another bath the next day could help the foreskin relax enough to allow a man to retract it.

2) Throw Out Antibacterial Soaps

While red penis issues caused by the foreskin may be associated with bacteria, it isn't wise to use antibacterial soaps to fight the problem. These products are very harsh, and they can strip moisture away from damaged penile cells. That might make the skin even less flexible and even more inflamed, which can make pain worse and healing less likely.

Plain water, and plenty of it, is all that's required for penis cleansing. There's no need for soaps of any kind down there.

3) Drink Plenty of Water

Just as the penis needs water for rinsing, it also needs water for inner hydration. Water inside the cells allows the immune system to flush out invaders, and it keeps the skin plump and flexible, so the foreskin has the elasticity it needs.

Typically, men need eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. But men dealing with an infection or a red penis might need even more water. Downing the stuff regularly may not be fun, but it can be a vital part of the healing process.

4) Get Expert Help

While at-home tips might help some foreskin problems subside, there are some conditions that won't heal without the help of a doctor. Men with these symptoms should consider getting help as soon as possible:

- Bleeding

- Inability to urinate

- Fever

- Overwhelming pain

In addition, men who have been dealing with red penis issues and foreskin problems for more than a few days should see a doctor. It's possible that they need more intensive treatments in order to really get better.

Prevention is Key

A red penis can be painful, so it's best to prevent it before it even gets started. A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. These products contain a mix of vitamins that can keep the size of bacterial colonies in check, and the emollients keep skin smooth and soft, so there are no cracks for invaders to hide in. By using a product like this every day, men can keep their tackle healthier, and that might mean fewer red penis problems in the future.