Sometimes a guy takes a look down at his tool and is surprised at what he sees. For example, a man may suddenly realize he has a very red penis and wonder if it has always been like that, or worry that redness is a sign that something may be wrong with his favorite external organ. This is a typical reaction and a good one to have: Curiosity about the appearance of one’s penis demonstrates that a man is paying proper attention to penis health, which is never a bad thing.

When a man talks about a red penis, this can mean several things. It may mean that the overall tint of the member has taken on a reddish hue. It may also mean that a man is noticing patches or splotches of red, rather than a consistent, even red tone to the skin. Or it may mean that the man is noticing red dots, spots or pimples, either in one place on the organ or spread out across its length and girth. Let’s investigate all these possibilities.

Red all over

The first instance involves a penis that is basically red from top to bottom. In men with fair skin, this is a very common occurrence when the penis is erect. To achieve an erection, blood is forced into the penis at an increased rate and then trapped there; the spongelike tissue absorbs the blood, causing the penis to swell, and it is this accumulation of blood that accounts for the redness. When the redness is simply erection-related, there is no cause for concern.

On occasion, however, a penis may have a red tint that is unrelated to the trapped blood. The penis is blazingly scarlet not because of an erection but possibly because the tool has been handled too roughly and/or too frequently, resulting in severe irritation of the skin. In this instance, soreness, rawness and tenderness are frequent complaints.

Red patches

When the penis is cursed with bright red shiny patches, it usually is a skin reaction. Rashes, thrush or allergies are often involved. The red areas may or may not be sore, and there is often a varying degree of itchiness that may accompany this form of red penis. Sometimes the skin is simply red; other times, it is both red and flaky, and there may be some peeling involved.

A common cause of red penis rashes is soap or detergent. Penis skin is extremely sensitive, and it can react strongly to even slight changes in cleansers. It’s always best to use a mild, fragrance-free soap and laundry detergent whenever possible.

Red bumps

Jock itch can be the culprit behind red dots in the penile area. Because it is a fungus, an antifungal cream or spray may be necessary to fight this common annoyance. Pimples are also frequently found on the equipment and should be cleaned and dried carefully.

On occasion, some form of penis redness can indicate the possibility of an STI. Men should always be aware of this and bring such issues immediately to the attention of a doctor. However, for more everyday red penis issues, there are other steps one can take.

In addition to practicing proper hygiene and using a mild cleanser, a man needs to treat his red penis with a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Lest he worry about what to look for in a superior cream, he should know that the best cream will include a high-end emollient such as Shea butter, which is crucial for keeping the skin well-hydrated and battling dry penis skin. Also helpful in a cream is vitamin E, which forms a barrier on the penis skin to help keep moisture in and prevent dry, cracking skin. The proper penis health cream can do wonders to eliminate the worry caused by a red penis.