It's not at all unusual for men to experience a red penis after a night of rough sex. Friction can strip cells off the surface of the skin, and that can leave the tool looking and feeling raw. Thankfully, this problem tends to go away in a day or two, with the proper penis care techniques.

There are some men, however, who develop red penis problems that don’t simply go away. That's what happened to Wilson. He dealt with redness and soreness for three whole months, until he managed to recover. Here's his story.

What it Looked Like

"I've always had a pretty nice-looking penis, if I do say so myself," says Wilson. "My skin has always been pink and healthy-looking, without a lot of wrinkles or veins or things like that."

"But one day, it started to change. At first, it just looked a little pinker than usual, and I wasn't too worried about it. But then, it started to look really red, like I had spilled wine on it or something. And the skin looked really shiny and glossy, like it was stretched too tight."

"I didn't have any pain or itchiness, and it didn't bleed or swell up or smell bad. It just looked very red, and I was worried about it," Wilson says.

What He Tried

"At first, I thought that I had a dry penis problem, like I had rubbed it raw or somehow ruined my skin," Wilson says. "My girlfriend has this body lotion she uses at night, so I borrowed a little of that and tried slathering it on my skin. It didn't help much."

"Then I thought maybe I had some kind of infection, so I tried using an antibiotic cream down there," Wilson says. "Every morning and every night, I'd put on a layer of the stuff and wait to see if it got better. That cream didn't seem to help, though, as my skin looked just as red after a few days as it did when I started using the stuff."

"At this point, I knew I should go to the doctor, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it," Wilson says. "I kept thinking I'd have some other symptoms if I was really sick, and since I didn't have any other problems, I could just keep trying things at home until it went away."

A Trip to the Doctor

"I finally went to the doctor when my girlfriend caught me trying to use her mud masque on my penis," Wilson says. "She told me she'd had enough with my fussing and worrying, and she just wanted me to get better already. So I made an appointment to see the doctor to get a formal diagnosis."

"Turns out, I had a yeast infection," Wilson says. "I must have caught it from my girlfriend, and it must have been pretty mild, as she didn't have any symptoms. But when my doctor gave me the right medications, and my girlfriend got treated, too, everything magically got better. I was back to myself in just days."

Take-Home Lessons

Wilson dealt with this red penis problem for three months, and it's clear that the issue caused him a lot of worry and concern. He's a little lucky, however, as men in his position might be tempted to try all sorts of dangerous DIY healing tools, including:

- Hot oils

- Scalding baths

- Antibacterial soaps

- Abrasive washcloths

Any of these items could make a red penis problem worse, not better, so it's good that Wilson skipped all of them.

But now that he's healed, it might be wise for him to focus on the underlying health of his skin. A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be a wise addition to the care regimen. These products contain vitamins skin needs in order to heal, and the nutrients included may help skin to fight off infection in the future, too.