Now that cold winds are blowing through, winter is definitely here. While even warm weather aficionados can find some things about the cold that they like (hot chocolate, roaring fires, an excuse to stay inside and binge watch), it’s equally true that even cold weather fans can find drawbacks. And for men, that includes getting a red penis from freezing temperatures and bitter icy winds. Finding ways to keep the penis sufficiently warm during these winter months is part of good penis care.

Red penis

Now, there’s usually nothing wrong with a red penis. Men who are fair-skinned tend to get a red penis when it becomes erect, as the blood rushing into the engorged member causes a change in coloration. But sometimes a red penis can signal a problem - such as being far too cold.

Anyone who has ever jumped into a pool of cold water has witnessed a cold red penis - and one that is usually shriveled. But when the penis is exposed to extreme cold temperatures for a prolonged time, it may actually get a little swollen and can lead to extreme pain.

In some severe cases, a red penis may be an indication of frostbite (or frostnip, an early stage of frostbite). Frostbite is accompanied by a numbness (lack of feeling or deadened feeling), swelling, blistering and fever, although not all men may experience all of these symptoms. If a man suspects he has a frostbitten penis or other body part, he should seek medical attention. Severe frostbite can destroy tissue and in extreme cases may lead to amputation.

Keeping warm

To help fight that winter cold, there are several ways to keep the penis warm during the winter.

- Don’t go commando. First and foremost, men who habitually walk around without underwear should suspend that habit when venturing out into winter weather. The cold weather can be too dangerous to penis health, no matter how nice the feeling of freedom may be.

- Stand in front of a fire. Spending a few minutes in front of a fireplace can help warm up a penis so it withstands the cold better during its first minutes outside.

- Give the penis a rub. Similarly, taking a couple of minutes to rub and massage the penis before tackling the cold can be beneficial. This will get the blood circulating and help deflect the initial cold.

- Tuck it in. If he is only going to be outside for a few minutes, a guy can try tucking his penis between his legs for extra warmth. However, since it will pop out relatively quickly, this is a very short term solution.

- Layer up. Doubling up on underwear is strongly advised. Just as a guy may wear a shirt, sweater and coat to combat the cold, so should he consider wearing more than one pair of underwear. The bottom layer should be tight briefs, an athletic supporter or compression shorts, each of which will fit the penis more snugly.

- Go thermal. It can also help to wear thermal underwear, which may add an extra layer of warmth to the region.

- Investigate wind briefs. Many runners wear wind briefs, specially designed underwear with an extra layer of protection in the crotch.

- Wear a penis warmer. A man can invest in an actual knitted penis warmer - or simply wear a (clean) sock over the penis when temperatures get frosty.

Taking steps to prevent a red penis due to cold weather pays off. So does taking steps to ensure overall penis health, such as regularly applying a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . For best results, a guy should select a crème that is going to "cover all the bases" by including the major vitamins necessary for penis health promotion - A, B5, C, D and E. In addition, the crème should include L-arginine, an amino acid which helps penile blood vessels expand so they can accommodate a greater flow of blood.