Knowing what can cause a red penis is one of the best ways to stay safe. After all, men who are aware of the dangers that lurk in their homes and workplaces can be on the alert and avoid those things, and that might keep red penis issues from happening to them. Unfortunately, the average guy knows very little about what can cause red penis concerns. This quiz can help. Up top are statements, all of which are either true or false. Answers are down below, along with supplemental penis care information men can use in order to stay healthy.

The Statements

1) All red penis issues begin with sexual contact.

2) Washing with soap and a washcloth is the best way to deal with red penis issues.

3) These are the sorts of problems that go away easily, regardless of what a man might do.

4) Problems like this are really rare, so men who are dealing with this must have done something bad or unusual.

5) There's nothing a man can do at home to help him cure a red penis.

The Answers

1) False. While it's true that there are some red penis issues that originate with sexual contact, there are several other potential causes that have nothing to do with sex at all, including:

- Perfumes

- Detergents

- Allergies

- Tight clothing

Men who focus only on sex as the cause of their red penis issues could be missing out on a long list of other things to avoid.

2) False. Some irritants sit on the surface of the skin and cause irritation. But, in most cases, these are the sorts of products that can be removed with simple friction and a little warm water. Soap isn't a great ingredient to add, as it can also dry out the skin and contribute to irritation. That means that men who add soap to inflamed skin could walk away with skin that is even more irritated and dry. That's not what anyone wants.

3) False. Red penis concerns can be remarkably persistent, unless a man takes action. The skin is dry, sore and damaged. It needs help in order to heal. Without that help, it will probably stay sore, dry and inflamed. A man simply must do something to make the situation better.

4) False. It's really easy for men to develop dry penis issues. No unusual activities are required. Chances are, in fact, that almost every man out there will deal with a dry penis at one time or another.

5) False. If a red penis issue does indeed develop due to a sexually transmitted infection, it's possible that a doctor will need to get involved before a man gets back to normal. But if the issue began with something else, there are many, many things men can do at home in order to make things better.

For example, red penis concerns that arise due to friction could be easily solved with a change in wardrobe. Many men wear clothes that are too tight, and those clothes might be made with synthetic fabrics that don't breathe. Switching things up and using cotton clothing that sits loosely on the body could make that redness go away.

Similarly, redness problems that arise due to sensitivity might be eliminated if a man goes through his cabinets with care. Items with perfume, alcohol or other irritants just shouldn't touch the penis. Removing them could be the key to long-term health.

A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be an excellent addition to a man’s care regimen. Products like this keep skin soft and smooth, so there are fewer nooks and crannies for irritants to lodge in. The best creams also contain nutrients that support circulatory and nerve health.