Guys tend to be really proud of having a healthy red penis and often like the idea of showing it off to other people. Thanks to the advent of selfies, this activity no longer has to result in a man being arrested for public lewdness or worse. Whether he's an actual exhibitionist or just a guy who is pleased with his penis, selfies can satisfy a guy's desire to share. Of course, guys need to make sure that they are practicing appropriate penis health before clicking that button; after all, the member wants to be shown off in all his best glory.


Among the things a guy should think about before and while photographing his privates are:

- Erect or flaccid? What message does a guy want to send with his selfies? Does he want to exhibit his monster-sized equipment to get other people salivating? Or is he wanting to show how impressive his tool is even when soft? Sending a fully erect penis tends to make a more aggressive sexual statement, so a guy should determine what point he wants to get across with his degree of hardness.

- Anonymous or identifiable? If this selfie is going to be sent to another person, does the dude want to be identified? If not, this may take more than simply making sure that one's face isn't in the picture: identifying tattoos, moles or unique aspects of the physique need to be taken into consideration as well. (A little photo-shopping can help to get rid of some identifying marks, such as tattoos.)

- Natural or styled? Does the man think his penis is "good to go" just as is, or would he prefer to do something different? Some men may want to "smarten up" a bit: trim or shave the hair, cover up an unsightly penis pimple, etc. In some cases, a guy may even want to decorate or paint his equipment.

- What's the best angle? How does a man's package need to be arranged to come off in its best light? Should it be shot head-on, from the side or from above? Do the testicles need to be arranged in a certain way, or does the penis need to lay over to one particular side?

- Is lighting needed? A man wants to arrange things so that there either or no shadows or so they provide the proper accent. This may be especially true when dealing with an erect penis, which is more likely to cast a bigger shadow.

- Dissemination

The most important thing to think about are:

- Do I want to share my penis selfies with someone else? Sometimes a guy just likes to take a picture of his equipment for his private enjoyment. Other times, it would seem a shame to keep all that manhood to himself.

- With whom do I want to share them? It's important to determine who gets these very special selfies. If there are specific individuals, a man must be sure that they would like to receive the selfie: sending a penis pic to someone who would be offended or alarmed by it can result in bad feelings and possible legal action. If a man wants to share this with the whole world (via posting on a site or blog), he needs to make sure that there are protections in place so that only adults interested in viewing penises will visit these sites.

- What if they go viral? This is especially important if a person can be identified from the selfie. If sending to an individual, a man must make sure he or she can be trusted not to share (unless, of course, the man would like the selfie to be spread around).

Of course, selfies should be of a healthy, red penis rather than a sickly, dull one. Daily use of a first rate penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can keep a tool photogenic. Rubbing in a cream that includes a high end emollient like shea butter can keep it properly moisturized; men should also try to find a cream that includes L-arginine, an ingredient that promotes penis blood flow, to enhance its healthy glow for the camera.