The skin is dotted with tiny little receptors that are designed to sense temperature, pressure and touch. Some parts of the body have few receptors at all, while other parts of the body are extremely receptive to the outside world. Not surprisingly, the skin that surrounds the penis is filled to the brim with sensory cells, but with improper penis care, those cells can become inactive and the penis can become unresponsive as a result. Thankfully, some types of damage can be quickly amended, and men can restore their lost sensations with ease.

Touch Receptors

Pressure and temperature are an important part of pleasurable sensations, but simple touch seems to be the most important factor in sexual pleasure. The foreskin and the head of the penis are covered with many touch receptors, allowing men to feel an intense amount of sensation from even the smallest types of movements. Even a little breath of air might be enough to trigger a reaction in this sensitive skin.

The touch receptors are located quite close to the exterior, in the outer layers of skin. Unlike pressure receptors, which are designed to function when they're buried by many, many layers of tissue, touch receptors work best when they are right up top. Unfortunately, this placement is hard to sustain. In fact, rough handling of the penis could be enough to deaden these sensory receptors.

When the skin is subjected to rough treatment, it attempts to heal by creating a thick layer of keratin. This is a natural form of bandage, and it can allow the skin to handle future abrasions without causing deep signals of pain. Keratin on the heels, for example, allows people to keep walking on rocky soils, where people with no keratin might need to stop in order to nurse their wounds. A layer of keratin on the penis, on the other hand, could leave a man feeling a bit less responsive when presented with situations that were once quite enjoyable. The keratinized layer of dead skin can stand between the man and his senses.

Preventive Steps

Men often have roughened, callused hands. Men aren't encouraged to use hand lotion in the way that women do, and they may have strenuous hobbies that tax the hands, such as automotive work or playing baseball. These chapped, rough hands can be quite damaging to the delicate skin of the penis when men use no lubricant during masturbation. The same damage can take place when men engage in sex with partners who don't have adequate natural lubrication and who don't take pains to amend the situation. Using lubricant for future sexual encounters can keep future scars from forming.

Loose clothing, including boxer shorts, can provide a perfect environment for rubbing and chafing, once again leading to the development of rough skin. Clothing that provides a bit of closer fit, and that's made of a very smooth fabric like silk, could be an improvement men can feel right away.

Healing the Skin

Roughened penis skin can benefit from a little TLC. Using a specially formulated penis health crème (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help to break down dead skin cells and keratin and allow newer, healthier skin to shine through. A daily application of the crème, used after a shower when the skin is warm and receptive, could speed the healing process and allow those damaged touch receptors to awaken once more. Once the skin is soft and healed, men will need to double their efforts to protect the penis from rough treatment. This responsive organ will be even more susceptible to injury from dry skin and other assaults, so it will be important for men to use care and protect the new skin that has formed.