Many men like to think they know everything about sex, or at least act like they do. When it comes to putting on a condom, men probably aren’t eager to ask questions about proper application, even if they understand how important safe sex is for maintaining overall health generally and penis health in particular.

But men with questions regarding safe sex have nothing to be ashamed of. For starters, nobody is born knowing everything, and a lack of knowledge about certain aspects of sex doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of experience.

In the U.S., the state of sex education is poor. In December of 2015, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a report stating that less than one-fifth of middle schools and one half of high schools are teaching all the sex education topics that the organization deems important. The least likely topics to be taught involve condom use - specifically, how to obtain and correctly use condoms.

Where to Get Them

Of course, it’s always possible to walk into a store and pick up a pack of condoms. But for some men, the cost may be prohibitive. Check out local sexual health clinics and progressive organizations that may provide free access to condoms. Some schools and youth organizations make them available to young men and women.

For men who can purchase condoms but for social reasons don’t want to get them from the local store, consider buying them online. Options abound, and this method is more discreet.

How to Use Correctly

There’s a lot to keep in mind when applying a condom, but it gets simpler with practice. The following steps should be followed:

- Get the right size. Condoms that are too tight or too loose are prone to slipping or breaking. Look up size charts, and measure the circumference of the penis to see which is best for oneself.

- Check the expiration date.

- Check the package for any damage.

- Check the condom itself for any damage.

- When rolling the condom down the penis, leave room at the tip for semen and pinch the tip to prevent an air bubble from forming, which may burst the condom when a man ejaculates.

- Once the condom is on the penis, smooth out any air bubbles along the shaft.

- Don’t store condoms in wallets or other tight places.

- Have lubricant handy in case a partner is not adequately wet. Lack of lubrication is a major reason for condom breakage.

- Practice makes perfect. Try using a condom when one masturbates; this will give a man plenty of test-runs applying condoms.

No Shame in the Safe Sex Game

It’s a shame that men might feel enough shame around their own lack of sex education that they would forego learning the essentials. It’s never too late to educate oneself. Along with this guide, there are plenty of helpful, reputable resources online to help men get their bearings where the school system may have failed them.

Also, men should not hesitate to ask health professionals for assistance. If a man has a primary doctor but is not comfortable discussing safe sex with him or her, making an appointment at a designated sexual health clinic is advisable. There, the professionals are more than used to the questions a man may have, and highly capable of answering them.

Another area that may not have been covered in school is maintaining proper penis health in other ways beyond practicing safe sex. One way to do so is to invest in keeping the penile skin in good condition. Lubricant helps in this department, as it can cut down on chafing during sexual activities (partner-based or solo). Another great idea is to use a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with Shea butter and vitamin E. These two moisturizers keep the skin smooth, soft and supple, looking and feeling its best. Show the manhood a little extra love with a skin care product like Man1 Man Oil.