Why do people have sex? Most of the time, they get busy because it feels good. When two bodies are moving together, in perfect rhythm and harmony, the sensation can be remarkably pleasurable, and couples emerge from these sweaty sessions feeling unified, happy and content. But sex isn’t all about fun; it comes with risks. Each episode has the potential to cause long-term health issues. For example, people who don't use protection might spread or contract infections, and men may need extensive penis care measures to restore their health. (And don’t forget about the risk of unwanted pregnancy.) That's why safe sex with condoms is so important. These little sheaths slide right over the penis, providing a layer of protection between two bodies that are as close as possible.

Easy Solution

A basic condom is made of latex. It has a tiny receptacle at the tip for sperm, but otherwise, it's shaped like a penis. A guy can unfurl the thing while squeezing the tip and then go to town. (He should also check the date to make sure the condom has not expired, and take care not to damage it by opening the wrapper with his teeth or another sharp object.)

As a pregnancy preventer, condoms made of latex are pretty hard to beat. If they're put on properly, they block tiny swimmers from moving into a woman's body. But standard condoms do have some drawbacks. For one thing, they can be a touch thick. Some men feel like they're unable to really enjoy sex with slips on, and some people dislike the way condoms taste or the way that they smell.

Also, some people are allergic to the natural substance that's used to make latex condoms. These people might get a rash in the days following a sex session, or they might feel a burning sensation during sex. That kind of pain can simply kill a mood.

Wild Rubbers

If regular condoms don't work for a couple, there are plenty of other options. For example, some manufacturers have developed slips made of other materials, like polyurethane. These tend to be a little thinner, so a man might be able to experience more pleasure during sex.

The alterations don't stop there. In fact, there are condoms that:

- Taste like strawberries or mint

- Glow in the dark

- Warm up

- Deliver massaging sensations

- Look like tattoos

All of these products could help put the zing into sex. Even couples that have struggled with the idea of condoms in the past might be pleasantly surprised to discover the plethora of great products available, just waiting to be tested.

Post-Play Safety Steps

While experimenting with different types of condoms can be interesting and fun, men should take special care when playtime is through. That's because many of the ingredients that make condoms so interesting can be hard on the penis. Spermicides in the products can burn, dyes can irritate and flavors might cause rashes.

Keeping these problems at bay is a little easier when men remember to wash up after sex. While hopping up and running to the bathroom may not be romantic, washing quickly is one of the best ways to ensure that irritating agents don't stay in contact with the skin one second longer than they should. That could mean skipping a future sore penis episode, and that's always worthwhile.

When penile tissues are clean and dry, it's the perfect time to apply a dose of a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). The emollients will soothe hard-working tissues, leaving them smooth, soft and ready for the next roll in the hay. And there's no telltale scent or leave-behind grease involved, either. Men will simply feel clean and ready for more when the time is right.