Even when a man has an extremely excited penis, he needs to remember proper sex etiquette: good manners that ensure that the needs of all interested parties - the man, his partner and his penis - are adequately addressed. This not only makes the experience more pleasant; it scores points for a guy and helps to increase the chances of further encounters (if the partner is new) or a continued relationship (if the partners have moved beyond the first encounter). Paving the way for more sexual opportunities also has a positive impact on penis health, as the old "use it or lose it" rule definitely applies to male sexual equipment.

Basic rules of set etiquette

Following are a few basic examples of sexual good manners which every man should pay attention to:

1. Clean it up. A man may be an incredible expert with his tool, but if there's an odor about his body or if his breath is too powerful, he may not get the opportunity to show off his skill. Hygiene extends beyond a person's body and into his surroundings as well. No woman wants to make love on bed sheets that clearly haven't been washed in weeks or to cuddle on a couch covered in a layer of dog hair. And speaking of dog hair:

2. Put the pets away. You may share everything with Fido or Fluffy, but pet voyeurism is as bad as the human variety.

3. Be prepared. Condoms are an indispensable part of sex for both health and pregnancy prevention reasons. Condoms are really the man's responsibility. Keep a supply on hand.

4. Don't rush into things. It's very rare that a man should skip foreplay - and foreplay should be more than a quick kiss or two.

5. Be gentle with clothing. An excited penis may demand immediate attention, but a man has to maintain perspective. When removing her clothes, don't just rip them off: no woman likes to find a rip in that designer dress or that favorite blouse crumpled and lying on a dirty floor.

6. Don't multitask. Accepting a phone call during sex? Really bad manners.

7. Give warning. If receiving oral sex, a man should definitely give warning before his excited penis releases.

8. Keep tissues on hand. If receiving manual sex, a man should make sure tissues are nearby for easy clean-up - both for her hands and any place on himself or his surroundings where the ejaculate has landed. (Rule of thumb: the man cleans up any ejaculate that is not on his partner's body. Some women like it when the man gently and tenderly tidies them up as well, but this can differ from woman to woman.)

9. Keep going. If the man orgasms before the woman, he should continue to engage in sex - whether intercourse, oral or manual - until she indicates that she is satisfied.

10. Don't compare. Comparing sex with a new partner to sex with an ex-partner is frowned upon unless specifically requested by the woman - and in that case, the comparison should favor the current bedmate.

11. Stay. Leaving 10 minutes after sex is just rude. Stay in bed, cuddle and share the warmth of your body. Rushing away is a good way to not get invited back.

12. Be a good host. If the encounter takes place in the man's home, he should make sure his courtliness doesn't end after the orgasm. After appropriate cuddling, see if your mate desires any refreshment. If she will be staying the night and has not brought her own things, offer her a (clean, comfortable) t-shirt or other appropriate sleepwear.

Practicing proper sex etiquette is an excellent way to score points; more than that, it's a proper way of demonstrating respect and concern for a partner. Maintaining penis health through the daily use of a top drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is also important for any sexual relationship. The choice of cream is not arbitrary: it should definitely include vitamin B5, which is essential for life sustenance and healthy penile function. Another necessary ingredient in the cream: L-arginine, which helps create nitrous oxide, thereby playing a role in maintaining healthy penile blood flow.