Things are getting hot and heavy, and one or both partners give themselves over, wholly, to the moment. It can be difficult to think clearly when in the throes of passion, but it’s wise not to shut the brain off altogether. Safe sex means more than wearing protection; it means avoiding injuries that may occur during the act in both the interest of penis health and a man’s ability to go for round two later on. Below are three sex injuries that may befall a man, as well as ways to avoid them.

Penis Fracture

This is just about the most serious injury that can occur from sex. Though it’s not common, the severity of it makes it well worth learning about and preventing.

The penis doesn’t fracture like other parts of the body, since there are no bones in the boner. However, there are two chambers called the corpora cavernosa that engorge with blood when a man has an erection. It is possible for one or both chambers to rupture, causing the blood to escape.

Penis fractures call for immediate medical attention and generally require surgery to repair. They’re also immensely painful. A man will notice, along with excruciating pain, a popping sound and immediate bruising if he acquires a penis fracture.

Penis fracturing is most likely to occur when a woman is on top if she comes down hard at the wrong angle. Men shouldn’t take this to mean that this position is off limits. The female partner just needs to be mindful, particularly when inserting or re-inserting the penis.

Stuck Object

Many men enjoy anal play, and there’s nothing wrong with that - when it’s done right. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 58% of all sex toy-related injuries requiring an emergency room visit were incurred by men. Also, 83% of all documented injuries were attributed to "foreign objects" lodged inside the individual’s body. Finally, 78% of injuries were anorectal.

Assuming that no man wants to go to the hospital to have an object removed from his derriere (and no woman would, either), it’s best to avoid the situation. That doesn’t mean that posterior penetration is out of the question, though. Guys should make sure to use plenty of lubrication whenever approaching anal play, and not to jump right into the experience with the largest, thickest toy they can find. A man can gradually work his way up in size.


Perhaps the most common negative consequence of sex for men is penile dryness, chafing and soreness caused by friction. His skin may crack and bleed or simply hurt; this may prolong the time in between his current romp and the next. Also, skin tears make a man more susceptible to penile infections, since fungus and bacteria have more places to set up shop in that situation.

While very rough or prolonged sessions are bound to lead to some soreness, there are some things a guy can do to reduce penile chafing. Perhaps most obviously, he should ensure that the activity is adequately lubricated. Having lube around is certainly handy even if a man’s female partner produces plenty of natural lubrication; that’s because, during a long session, her stores may diminish. Take a break now and then to do a lube check, and spend some manual/oral time to help her replenish her stock or use a product to finish out with.

Another thing men can do to limit their skin’s susceptibility to chafing is to use a moisturizer on their penis after showering. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with a combination of moisturizers, like Shea butter and vitamin E, can both hydrate the skin and keep that moisture locked in. Skin that is in good condition going into the act is more likely to resist the assault of friction.