A healthy sex life is important to a person’s overall wellbeing, both mental and physical. But things can go wrong during the act, leading to injuries that sometimes require a trip to the emergency room. While it’s important for men to practice appropriate penis care steps before, during and after sex, it’s also important to think about a lady partner’s wellbeing. Listed below are five common sex injuries or accidents that may befall a woman, as well as prevention steps for a safer sexual experience.

1) Vaginal Tearing

By far, this is one of the most common consequences of sex for women. The delicate skin around the vagina’s opening can tear, become inflamed and bleed, leading to a day or two of pain for a woman, and possibly the inability to go for round two (or three or four) in the sack.

Vaginal tearing is most likely to occur if a woman is insufficiently lubricated. To decrease the likelihood of injuring a woman’s precious entry point, a man should make sure not to insert his penis, multiple fingers or other objects until she is thoroughly aroused and slick. Some partners need to use a product to achieve sufficient lubrication.

Another cause of vaginal tearing is rough and/or prolonged sex. Some people like it that way, and it’s up to a woman to decide if it’s worth the likely consequence of soreness. Keeping lubed up in this situation is helpful, but may not prevent all tearing.

2) Lost Condom

Ever lose a condom? It may have been lodged inside a partner. While it may be possible to remove it at home, especially a while after sex when the vagina returns to its shortened pre-arousal length, some women require the assistance of a doctor.

Condom slippage can occur for a number of reasons. There may be too much lubrication inside the condom, in which case just putting lube in the tip, or not putting any inside, may be necessary. The barrier may also simply be too big for a man’s member. Or condom slippage may result from inadequate lubrication inside a woman’s vagina. Dryness creates friction, which can pull the condom off a man. Adequate external lubrication, limited internal lubrication and a proper fit are key to preventing slippage.

3) Muscle Strain

It’s easy to see how muscle strain can result from sex in nearly any position. For a woman who likes variations of the missionary style, such as having her legs bent and held close to her body, hip flexor strain often occurs. The hip flexors stretch from the top of the thighs to the lower back and are held contracted in such positions. Some women enjoy these positions enough to withstand the consequence, but those who want to be able to walk more easily the next day can use more straight-legged positions or switch positions more frequently.

4) Yeast Infection

A woman can get yeast infections from sex - especially if saliva is around her vagina. Since foregoing oral sex may not be a woman’s favorite option, a man can help out by making sure there is no saliva on his penis from oral sex when entering her, as well as not using saliva as lube.

5) Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are made more likely by rough sex or inadequate lubrication because vaginal tearing increases a lady’s risk of them. She should also urinate before and after having sex to flush away bacteria that causes the infection.

In addition to keeping a woman safe and pleased during sex, a man can boost his sexual experience by using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) after showering. The best moisturizer will contain a combination of hydrators, such as Shea butter and vitamin E, for soft and resilient skin. This will reduce the likelihood of chafing and discomfort from the friction of a lover’s body or a man’s own hand, allowing him to be ready for the next encounter.