Men can get horny and find themselves sporting an erection just about anywhere and anytime - and that includes while barreling down the highway. For this reason, it’s good to know about some invigorating sex positions one might wish to try out in or on the automobile. One word of caution, of course: Practicing appropriate penis care includes making sure that the sex one engages in is safe. When discussing car sex, it’s important to remember that any vehicular play, whether solo or partner-based, should take place in a stopped car - definitely NOT while driving.

With that said, here are a few positions to consider the next time an intense arousal occurs when behind the wheel and one pulls over for a little relief.

Partner-based sex positions

The back seat is the spot where countless people have lost their virginity, usually in a rather basic missionary position - and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the next time a guy wants to mix it up a little, he might try:

- Front-seated. In the front seat (passenger side, unless one has a steering wheel that tilts very far out of the way), the man sits, naked or with his erection exposed. He may or may not recline his seat slightly but should be essentially sitting up. The woman straddles him and lowers herself on his manhood, arms wrapped around his neck so the partners are face-to-face and very close as they begin their sexual maneuvers.

- Between the buckets. This is optimal for a man wishing to receive oral sex. If one’s car has bucket seats in the front, the man sits between them and spreads his legs. The woman sits in the back seat and leans over so that she can fellate the man in the front.

- Doggy buckets. The woman assumes the doggy position, with her arms resting on the back seat. The man kneels between the front bucket seats and enters the woman from behind.

- Raising the roof. For those with a convertible (and who are parked in a truly secluded spot from which they cannot be viewed by passersby - perhaps best done in one’s own garage), the man or woman stands in the front seat area facing the front of the car, crotch at headrest level and leans back, offering him- or herself for oral sex from the other partner, who kneels either on the edge of the seat or the floor, depending on height.

- Raising the roof II. The woman stands as above, but facing the back of the car; she bends over and the man stands behind her and enters her so that they have stand-up sex together.

- What’s in the trunk? With the trunk open and securely in place, the woman bends over and rests her elbows on the floor of the trunk. The man stands and enters her from behind. (As with the "raising the roof" positions, complete privacy is necessary for this position.)

Automotive autoeroticism.

Sometimes a guy feels his penis stirring when he’s in the car all alone. Some guys simply whip it out and pound away while they drive, but again: That’s not safe. It’s best to pull over somewhere and masturbate.

Of course, once pulled over, a man may want to investigate new masturbation activities in the car, such as:

- Backseat squeeze. Some cars have backseats that are slightly separated. With some ingenuity and plenty of lubricant, a man can stick his excited penis between them and thrust away for serious solo pleasure.

- Feel the fur. If his car has those furry seat covers, a man can rub his excited penis against the cover; the sensation will thrill the organ.

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