While some people enjoy pain with their pleasure, nobody’s likely eager to incur an unintended injury while getting it on. Certain precautions should be taken against common sex-related injuries. It may seem like only more adventurous moves would require care, but some of the common causes of injury take place during the most "vanilla" of escapades. So, in the interest of maintaining proper penis care and attending to the well-being of his partner, a man should be aware of the following injuries and take steps to prevent them.

1) Vaginal Tearing: Some women’s skin is more susceptible to tearing than others. If a couple is having sex for a long time, and/or if the activity is rough, a female partner is very likely to experience some degree of vaginal tearing.

While a couple might not be able to avoid this completely, they can take steps to limit the tearing that occurs. The very first thing to do is to make sure a woman is amply lubricated. This may be natural, product-assisted or a combination of both, depending on how much natural lubrication a woman produces when turned on. Men can also ease her open with a finger or two to start, and take care to enter slowly when it’s time for intercourse, thrusting gently at first. Finally, a couple should perform lube checks every time they change positions, adding more product if needed.

2) Penile Chafing: As with vaginal tearing, it may be hard to prevent any sort of chafing from rough or prolonged sex. Like women, guys benefit from ample lubrication. If they are wearing a condom, they can squeeze a bit of lube into the tip to protect the head against friction. They can also benefit from using a moisturizer on the penis daily to keep the skin healthy and supple.

3) Anal Injury: According to a 2009 study conducted at the University of Alabama School of Public Health, visits to the emergency room attributed to sex toy injuries have doubled since 1995. Researchers found that 74% involved a vibrator, 78% were anorectal in nature and 83% involved "foreign body removal." From this, one can conclude that a whole bunch of people got a sex toy stuck in their behinds.

Now, surely that’s not a common injury. But it’s best avoided, as is the more common anal tearing that can occur from posterior play. Lube is the key here, as well as not using a toy that is massive, at least if a man or woman is a beginner to back-door adventures.

4) Nerve Damage: For the couple interested in bondage, it’s of the utmost importance to make sure restraints aren’t too tight. A person should be able to slip two fingers between the rope or other material and the person’s skin.

On top of that, the untied partner should do "feel tests" every few minutes. Make sure the partner’s circulation or nerve supply is not being cut off by pressing an area below the restraints (for example, the hands if the wrists are bound) to verify that he or she can feel it. Also, look out for any discoloration.

Fortunately, preventing these types of injuries is not difficult. Investing in a good lube is key, and men may want to try a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) for moisturizing their members, protecting themselves against chafing and friction. It’s best to go with a product made for the penis in order to avoid irritating the sensitive skin with chemical ingredients or fragrances. Using sex toys wisely is another important preventive measure, as is practicing caution when getting into bondage. With these steps in mind, men and their partners can make sure that any pain they may experience is associated with pleasure, not injury.