It’s hard to know exactly how many people are sleeping with a co-worker, but a 2013 survey found that 90% of respondents thought there was nothing wrong with the practice. Of course, there are many sex tips that are associated with this kind of activity, and men who are considering talking that cute colleague into their bed may need to do a little thinking first. While matters of penis care need to be considered, things get a little more complicated when close encounters of the office kind occur.

Check first.

It’s a good idea to find out if one’s place of employment has any rules concerning inter-office relationships. This is rarer nowadays, but even businesses without a written rule may have a corporate climate that discourages the practice. It’s important to consider this and weigh whether the pursuit of a co-worker is worth the possible detriment to one’s career if discovered.

Establish common ground rules.

This can be a bit tricky, as it can wreak havoc on one’s timing, but it’s a good idea to make sure both co-workers are on the same page about key issues, including how open they want to be about sleeping together. It’s nobody else’s business, but different partners may have different feelings about how open they wish to be - even if it’s a simple one-night stand.

No on-the-job training.

Many men have fantasies about getting it on in the stockroom or on the conference table. There’s nothing wrong with fantasies like this, but in reality this can be very risky. Not only can such blatant sexual activity result in termination if discovered (and with more and more workplace surveillance cameras, it’s quite likely it will be discovered), but it also blows to bits any hopes of secrecy concerning the relationship.

Plan appropriately.

Many co-workers find it convenient to have a quick one during lunch. It’s important to plan this properly and coordinate things so that the couple is not seen leaving or returning at the same time.

Be sensitive.

Male co-workers may sometimes take a more casual approach to an office affair than their female partners. It often can be easier for a guy to take a "nothing’s changed" attitude while at work, and this can sometimes knock a partner’s self-esteem for a loop. With that in mind, try to find ways to reassure her. Don’t treat her in a more aloof manner than before the sleepover. If alone, give her a knowing wink and a smile or, if possible, whisper in her ear about how wonderful last night was.

Don’t make the office a focus.

When alone together, it’s easy to talk on and on about work matters. If a fling is turning into a real relationship, it may be good to put the brakes on this a little. Finding the right balance between talking about work issues and talking about "us" issues can be a challenge when a relationship with a co-worker deepens.

But use the office when necessary.

On a day when one’s partner has become stressed out due to office issues, a man can use their shared bedtime to release office stress. Encouraging her to let out her stress in a verbal and forceful way while she is being stroked, pleasured orally and entered can produce an intense response.

Consider role playing.

Sometimes sexual role playing involving co-workers, vendors or other personalities in the workplace can add a little spice to one’s activities.

The above sex tips can provide a little help when sleeping with a co-worker. So can always presenting her with a healthy tool, for which the regular use of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is advised. Enjoyably rough sex may cause some de-sensitization, and a crème with neuroprotective acetyl L-carnitine can help restore sensitivity to the rod. Adequate penile blood flow is also always necessary, so apply a crème with L-arginine; that ingredient helps create nitric oxide, which in turn keeps penis blood vessels open and healthy.