Going to a date movie is de rigueur for couples, although for some men the experience can be on the boring side. Nonetheless, numerous sensual tips mention the need for a man to make an effort to share the interests of his partner, which only makes sense and is really quite fair. Guys sometimes think that successful dating involves nothing more than being masculine and entertaining, and making sure their male organ care regimen has kept them ready for action. That only scratches the surface, and a date movie is an inevitable part of long-term (or even many short-term) relationships.

What is a date movie?

Simply put, a date movie is a film the plot of which has an emphasis on a romantic relationship. The idea is that this is a film that helps solidify or reflect the romantic feelings of couples viewing it.

Following a few simple do’s and don’t’s can make the date movie experience more productive. Here are some basics to remember - starting with what NOT to do:


- Expect a lot of action. Romantic comedies (or romcoms, for short) are the most typical date movies, although serious romantic dramas are also popular. However, it’s hard to stretch the definition of a date movie to include lots of explosions or fierce battles between giant robots.

- Suggest that watching an adult video should count as a date movie. Many couples do enjoy incorporating such videos into their relationship; but when a woman is asking for a date movie, she’s looking for something else for the time being. (The good news is that "something else" often leads to some steamy coupling after the movie.)

- Joke all the way through the film. The occasional witty remark is fine, but when one starts making fun of the film’s flaws or outlandish plot twists, the warm glow one’s partner had been feeling may turn into an impenetrable iciness.

- Leave midway during the film to get popcorn or to visit the facilities (unless, of course, Nature really is calling). The point of a date movie is to be together, and a man’s absence will be felt and significantly noted.


- Keep things in perspective. A relationship is give-and-take; if she has gone to three end-of-the-world action flicks in a row, maybe going to one romcom isn’t such an outrageous request after all.

- Make a real effort. Although a lot of men resist date movies, many find that, once they watch them, they enjoy them much more than they might want to admit. However, even if a man resolutely hates the date movie experience, he needs to be sensitive to how his partner feels about it and not ruin the experience for her.

- Take advantage of the romantic scenes. Wrapping one’s arms around one’s partner and squeezing tight during an appropriate scene feels nice for both parties. A guy should pay attention to what the onscreen couple does that causes a warm reaction in his date; he may be getting some hints that he can use later on in the evening to get a similar response.

- Use the movie to demonstrate a sensitive side. A guy should talk intelligently about what happened in the film, and be sure to listen to what his date has to say. This can be a learning experience that actually deepens one’s relationship.

Sensual tips focus frequently on sharing experiences, and making a date movie a success can be a big advance for a couple. Some of the best coupling occurs after viewing such films. Guys should therefore make sure that their tools are in good health for any post-date activities. Using a superior male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is ideal for maintaining that health. Those that contain vitamin A can help banish unwanted manhood odor (a deal-breaker in bed), thanks to that vitamin’s potent anti-bacterial properties. And one that contains L-arginine can help to keep member blood flow in proper order, something guys don’t think about but which is crucial for proper male organ function.