The bedroom may be the most important place in the house for sexual enjoyment, but it's not the only option. High among the list of sex tips for couples, especially those in long-term relationships, is occasionally moving beyond the bedroom and exploring sensuality in other parts of the house. Making a change in location like this can add a little spice to things; while for most men sex is far from monotonous, it still can become slightly routine. So adding a little new life is good for sex, and also good for penis health. After all, the more engaged the penis is in the act, the more use he'll get - and regular use is important for sustained organ health.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for sex in other rooms.

The guest room. If there happens to be a spare bedroom, it's a natural first stop for those wanting a little variety. The different location, as well as different mattress, sheets, etc., can be just different enough to make things interesting but not so unfamiliar as to be uncomfortable or require physical adjustments. For added fun, a couple may want to try role playing - perhaps pretend they actually are guests in the house and worry about being discovered in the act by their hosts.

The bathroom. The couple that showers together…may quickly find themselves the couple that copulates in the shower. Although bathroom sex requires some care - bathtubs can be very slippery, so sex while standing up may require cautionary measures - it can also be intense and revivifying. Sex on the bathroom floor is also an option - but make sure there are plenty of towels to provide appropriate cushioning and protection from the cold!

The living room. Indulging one's passions on a couch or armchair often requires exploring different angles and positioning - and that can lead to new orgasmic delights. If there are some special kama sutra poses a guy has been longing to try, the living room may be the ideal place to see how they feel.

The laundry room. On one level, sex is primarily about vibrations - so coupling with the woman situated atop a washing machine or dryer that is in full force can add an entirely new level to the experience. Be advised, however, that maintaining balance can be challenging - and usually is the responsibility of the male, who is more likely to have his feet on the ground.

The kitchen. Sex is a feast for the genitals, so why not make love in the kitchen? The sensual experience can be heightened by strategically placing whipped cream, chocolate sauce or other foodstuffs on key parts of the body and letting one's partner consume these before moving on to the ultimate consummation.

The foyer. For daring couples, the foyer can be especially enticing. If some friends are on the way over, is there time for a quickie before they ring the bell? The time pressure can add even more to the titillation of coupling on the throw rug in the entryway.

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