As society has become more and more open concerning sex, sex tips have proliferated in general, as well as in terms of areas previously considered forbidden. Because of this, the taboo associated with a fetish has become somewhat more acceptable. It’s still not a topic that typically comes up at, say, the dinner table, but among consenting adults, there is more discussion about special interests - such as a foot fetish, one of the more common sexual obsessions. The man with a foot fetish is in a better position today to indulge his desires, and he should be watching his penis health so that he can indulge more completely.

What is a foot fetish?

Merriam-Webster defines a fetish as "a need or desire for an object, body part or activity for sexual excitement." In the case of a foot fetish, it means that a person is acutely excited by the foot of another person (or, in some cases, by their own foot). The foot holds an erotic charge for this person that can at times be almost overwhelming.

The foot fetish can manifest itself in several ways. It may mean that a person wants to stroke, kiss or lick the foot of their companion. Often they may want to masturbate while "worshipping" the foot; sometimes a man may wish to rub his penis against the foot (or have the foot rub against his penis) in a masturbatory fashion. A person may also wish to have the foot rub against other body parts, both typically erotic (such as the anus or nipples) and generally non-erotic (such as the forearm). For male fetishists, ejaculating on the foot is often a highlight of the experience.

Sometimes the fetish may extend to footwear as well. A man can become intensely aroused by shoes (or parts of shoes, such as stiletto heels), socks or stocking. Tickling the foot may also be a pleasurable activity for a foot fetishist. In addition, many of this persuasion enjoy activities such as washing someone else’s feet, putting nail polish on their feet, massaging their feet, etc.

Sex tips

So what are some of the specific sex tips for a foot fetishist to remember?

- Consent is necessary. Foot enthusiasts need to make sure that their partner is comfortable with their fascination before indulging it. It can be unnerving to a person if they suddenly find a man clutching their foot and masturbating vigorously.

- Be clear about releasing. Male foot fetishists may want to ejaculate on the foot in question, or on shoes, stockings, etc. Again, be clear that this is going to be alright with one’s partner; some might not be comfortable with this. A man should also be sure that a partner is copacetic with his borrowing a shoe or stocking and using it for masturbatory purposes when the partner is not home.

- Watch out for callouses. No matter how much a man may adore another person’s feet, there may be some flaws he is willing to overlook which can cause some issues with his penis. For example, rubbing the member against a foot with rough callouses may irritate the penis and make it sore. Be wary of touching the penis against foot fungus, as this can transfer to the penis, creating an unfortunate itchy penis situation. And a sweaty foot can easily transmit unwanted bacteria to the penis.

All sex tips, whether for a fetish or not, should remind a man to keep his penis in prime health. Daily use of an excellent penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can play a big role in maintaining the penis. For best results, select a crème that includes a range of vitamins, including A, B5, C, D and E; their topical application on the penis enables them to reach their penile-specific targets more easily. A penis which becomes irritated from rough use will need a crème with a potent hydrator such as shea butter to smooth and moisturize delicate skin. After all, a foot fetishist wants to make sure that the penis that touches that adored foot is physically worthy of the opportunity.