One of the most frequently-cited sex tips recommends that couples spice up their sex lives by taking it outside the bedroom. Car sex can be a stimulating change of pace, whether it’s planned or spontaneous. And, of course, many men find the automobile a nice fit for some autoerotic experiences, as well. As long as one pays attention, exercises proper caution and maintains adequate attention to penis care , then car-based sex can be a lot of fun.

These sex tips can make the experience even more enjoyable for those vehicularly-inclined.

- Bring a blanket. Car sex is often a very sweaty affair, especially when performed against leather or vinyl seats. The end result can be a serious mess. A man can help keep the car cleaner and himself and his partner less sticky by bringing a blanket, towel or sheet to lay across the seats in use.

- Practice flexibility. Because a car is not built for lying down, most couples find themselves putting their bodies into unusual positions, even when just using traditional sex positions like missionary. For this reason, it’s good to limber up a little in advance and get one’s body as flexible as possible. It will pay off in the heat of the moment when that right foot suddenly finds itself at an angle you never thought possible.

- Consider lap dancing. In many cars, the best option is going to be a seated position - especially where bucket seats are concerned. The man should push the seat as far back as possible and sit while the partner straddles his erect penis. It’s best if the seat can be folded down, so that the man can be as far back as possible. This will give his partner more room to maneuver.

- Get tinted. Hopefully, most people who practice car sex will do so in a secluded spot where they are unlikely to be viewed by others. And it’s true that the heat that couples generate does tend to fog up the windows. Still, it’s wise to invest in tint for the windows to add an extra layer of privacy to the proceedings.

- Go for a quickie. Having sex in a car adds a little extra zest and thrill to one’s coupling; however, because it is often cramped, it’s usually best to agree to make the experience a quickie rather than trying to set a longevity record.

- Try a flatbed. For those who really want to extend the experience instead of making it a quick one, it may be best to consider renting a pick-up. The flatbed in the back of a truck is an excellent spot for coupling. There’s more room, it’s flatter and more like a bed, and during nice weather, a gentle breeze on the skin can be intensely erotic.

- Open the doors. If one is truly in a secluded spot and not in danger of getting busted for indecent exposure, opening the doors can make the car sex experience more pleasurable. It gives more room and lets in air. It also gives people the chance to try a few different positions, such as the woman lying on the seat while the man stands outside the car.

These basic sex tips can come in handy when feeling frisky in a car. For maximum enjoyment, of course, it pays to keep the penis in its prime health, and regular application of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is one excellent way to achieve that goal. Men should be sure that the crème selected include L-arginine, an important enzyme which helps to keep penile blood vessels open and flowing, better oxygenating the blood in the penis and helping to prevent broken capillaries. Another essential ingredient: vitamin B5, which helps to maintain good penis cell metabolism as well as maintain the health of penis cells in general.