Sex tips are generally thought to center around making one's bedtime experience into an erotic joyride, but the truth is that such tips also encompass another important area: getting lucky. After all, if a guy isn't able to entice a partner into his arms, his only erotic joyride is going to involve his friendly fist. Of course, proper penis care is another prerequisite for satisfying sex, and that proper care may indeed involve plenty of masturbating, especially during a partner "dry spell." But guys may find their luck increases if they follow these basic sex tips.

Be confident.

Few things are as attractive to most women as a guy who has an easy air of confidence. Proper self-esteem sends a message: I like myself and find value in myself, so I bet you will like me, too. By contrast, desperation can be smelled a mile away and tends to make a woman think twice before wasting a second glance on a guy. The lesson for a man: Don't put so much pressure on scoring right away. Instead, a guy needs to just be comfortable in his own skin and not be afraid to share what he has with others.

But don't be cocky.

There's a fine line between confident and egotistical. A guy who crosses over into being full of himself is less likely to get lucky.

Avoid comparisons.

No man is perfect, and the guy who worries about how his flaws make him stack up to other guys is just asking for failure. A man needs to concentrate on his own assets and ignore what other men have to offer.

Be interested.

Being interesting is really good, but being interested in another person is even better. The guy who can really listen to what a potential partner is saying and ask questions that show that interest is making a connection that a partner will really appreciate.

Find a style.

No one style works for each man. Some men are born to look sexy in plaid shirts and jeans; others rock the sharp suit and tie combo and some stand tall in geek chic. A man needs to know what works for him and at the same time gives him an air of sexiness to potential bedmates.

Keep it clean.

For some men, getting lucky is no problem until he gets his date back to his place. Remember, first impressions are very important. If the floor of a guy's living room is littered with pizza boxes and beer cans, his chances of moving into the bedroom go down considerably. Or if that bedroom contains boxers thrown on top of the lamp or, even worse, a carelessly tossed condom hanging over the wastebasket, getting a girl steamed up is going to be a challenge. A guy's place doesn't need to be spotless, but keeping it tidy is a must.

Go with hygiene.

Similarly, a guy's body needs to be clean as well. Brushed teeth, kempt hair and deodorized underarms are usually appreciated. So are nostrils that are free of obvious nose hairs, a common problem in men.

And one of the most important among the sex tips: Carry that hygiene through to the crotch if getting lucky is the aim. Nothing is more of a turn-off than unveiling the equipment and releasing an unwanted odor or presenting skin that is dry and flaky. In addition to washing, regular use of a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is essential. Make sure that the selected cream includes among its ingredients both a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) for skin moisturizing. Also, that penis odor can be helped by a cream with vitamin A, the anti-bacterial properties of which are ideal for battling that undesirable aroma. Getting lucky is not just a matter of luck; it's a matter of preparation.