The penis doesn’t take a break during a man’s 9-to-5, so it’s not surprising that a man’s tool may want a little action at the office. The following sex tips are intended to address office sex for those who decide to indulge in such escapades. It goes without saying that proper penis health is one of these tips - and so is proper restraint. Office sex can be a very risky move, so guys are well advised to think with their brains, not their members, when considering workplace erotic activity.

Think about working conditions.

Having a fling with a co-worker is a fascinating fantasy; reality, however, can be a whole different ballgame. Before getting involved in getting off at work, it’s good to consider how such an action may affect one’s working relationship. Both participants need to be on the same page about what is happening and what it means.

Keep exhibitionistic tendencies in check.

For many men, the idea of other people watching them have sex is a turn-on (and understandably so.) Still, it’s best to rein in exhibitionistic desires during an office sex engagement. Stay away from windows or make sure curtains or shades are tightly drawn. It’s also crucial to make certain that there are no cameras in the area that can document one’s sexual adventures. Remember that this can include cameras built into computers.

Check the locks.

Often in the heat of the moment, a man is likely to plow right into coupling without first taking proper precautions to ensure privacy. Unless one wishes to be caught in a compromising positon, it pays to make sure that doors are securely locked.

Location, location, location.

As in real estate, choosing the right location for office sex may be the most important decision a man makes. There’s a thrill to having sex right in one’s own office (if one has a private office), but there is also an increased risk of interruption or discovery. Even if one is not discovered in the act itself, there can be circumstantial evidence that can cause trouble. For example, why did it take so long to unlock the door? Why was it locked in the first place? And why the red, flushed face and the open fly?

Probably the safest place for office sex is a bathroom, if one-person facilities are available; here, however, one has the problem of explaining why two people are emerging from a one-person bathroom. Storage closets or supply rooms are also possible options, especially if they can be locked (and one has the key.)

Whatever location one uses, it’s essential to be as quiet as possible, especially if one chooses a room in a high-traffic area of the office.

Timing is everything.

If one can make advance arrangements, planning office sex for off-hours is ideal. There are fewer people around, so the risk of getting caught decreases significantly - although, remember that, if engaging in activities after hours, there may be cleaning workers around, and they often have keys to get into locked rooms.

Another advantage to getting it on before or after office hours: It makes one look like a more dedicated worker. A guy’s boss may think he’s working extra hard and take a positive view of this.

These sex tips can help a man better plan for his office flings. He also needs to make sure his manhood is in appropriate health for his extracurricular office fun by using a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A crème with natural moisturizers such as Shea butter and vitamin E can help to ward off common penis dermatological issues by keeping the tool well hydrated. If the selected crème also contains vitamin A, so much the better; this vitamin possesses anti-bacterial properties that fight unwanted penis odor, a common problem. A healthy tool is one that is better prepared to do its own work - at home or in the office.