A man’s arsenal of sex tips ought to include a healthy stock of foreplay knowledge. While most men know that kissing and caressing are important here, some get cold feet when it comes to using their hands in and around a woman’s vagina. Likely, the reason for this is a lack of confidence concerning their ability to properly stimulate her. Since confidence is an important factor in sexual health and performance ability, men would be wise to educate themselves in this area, particularly on the topic of fingering.

1) Keep the nails trimmed and cleaned. Dirty, ragged finger nails do not a pleasant fingering experience make. A man needs to make sure his nails are smooth, short and clean underneath before putting them near a lover’s most sensitive parts.

2) Make sure she’s lubed up. This may come from natural lubrication following kissing, caressing and clitoral stimulation; it may also be product-assisted. A man may think that, since fingers are thin compared to the penis, lubrication is not as crucial when fingering. Think again.

3) Consider what kind of penetration she likes. Does she like it fast and hard? If so, a man will likely get the best reaction by mimicking this rhythm and depth with his fingers. He can do so by kneeling in front of her spread legs, a position that allows him to use the full length of his middle finger (and perhaps his index or ring finger as well). If she likes it slow but deep, follow suit. If she likes shallower thrusts, focus on the G-spot.

4) Find the G-spot. Regardless of how a woman likes penetration during intercourse, she probably will get a big thrill from G-spot stimulation. A man can best access this by kneeling in front of her spread legs and placing a finger or two inside her with the palm facing up; then, arch the finger(s) in a "come here" motion. Start slow, and vary the rhythm according to her reaction. Tip: Pretend that the fingers are trying to touch her belly button from the inside in order to get the right angle.

5) Get the C-spot involved. For many women, clitoral stimulation in conjunction with fingering is a special treat that can lead to intense orgasm. Use deep thrusts (if she likes those) and/or G-spot stimulation while using the tongue to circle the clit, or use the fingers of the other hand to massage her on the outside.

6) Try the slide technique. Place two fingers on either side of her clit, then slide them down and insert them. Slide them back up and repeat. It’s best to do this with the palm facing down; even if the nails are trimmed, they could still irritate her sensitive skin. Also note that this technique requires ample lubrication.

7) Screw it. Sit between her legs and insert two fingers with the palm facing down. Go all the way in, then rotate so that the palm is facing up as you pull out, and repeat. Try to tap her G-spot on the way out for extra pleasure.

Along with learning how to make the most out of foreplay, one of the most important sex tips for a man is to keep his penis in peak form and function. Along with proper washing and regular use, a man would do well to use a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a daily basis. A combination of moisturizers (Shea butter and vitamin E) will provide optimal hydration to the skin, protecting it from the frictions of the day. Also look for vitamin C, which promotes collagen production and penile tissue firmness. Keeping the manhood as attractive and inviting as possible is as important to a man’s sex life as knowing his way around foreplay.