Ah, the elusive G-spot, that "perfect button" in the female that many consider key to explosive orgasms. Finding a woman’s G-spot can be rewarding - but so can finding the male G-spot, and it’s generally easier to locate. Although good penis health can make the experience of the male G-spot more enjoyable, the penis itself is not where the G-spot is located in men. The following sex tips can help a guy locate his G-spot and gives hints on what to do once it’s found.

The male G-spot

Simply put, the male G-spot is the prostate, that gland located just underneath the bladder and which most men first become aware of during a physical, when the doctor tells them to bend over and suddenly a cold gloved finger is poking around inside their anus. The prostate exam is often the least favorite part of a man’s physical - so they may find it surprising to learn that that same prostate can be manipulated for extreme pleasure.

There are two ways of stimulating the prostate for pleasure. One way involves rubbing or otherwise stimulating (via a vibrator, for example) the perineum, that area between the balls and the anus. The prostate is located underneath the perineum and some men find that applying enough stimulation to the perineum results in pleasurable sensations from the prostate.

However, direct stimulation of the prostate is generally an easier way to achieve pleasure - and that requires inserting an object into the anus. It doesn’t need to go terribly deep, as the prostate is located about two inches into the anus. For many men, this would be the equivalent of inserting their first finger all the way in.

Now what?

Okay, if a guy is ready to try to stimulate his male G-spot, there are a few sex tipss he may want to consider:

- Get in the mood. Although it is certainly possible for a guy to just insert a finger or other object into his anus and move it around until the prostate responded pleasurably, it’s usually easier if a guy is already in a sexy mood. Thinking sexy thoughts, contemplating sexual fantasies, watching porn, or masturbating can all help to get a guy more in the mood for his G-spot search.

- Get lubed. The anus doesn’t produce natural lubricant, so a guy wants to be sure to use plenty of lubricant, both in his anus and on the finger(s) or other object which will be inserted. And he should be prepared to replenish as necessary.

- Don’t rush. Especially the first few times a man explores his G-spot, the anus is likely to be very tight. Men should resist the temptation to rush things and just take it slow - insert just a little, swirl it around gentle or move it back and forth slowly - just be gentle and take time. It may take several tries before the anus is successfully penetrated and the prostate located.

- Re-position. Sometimes a guy needs to try different positions to find one which works best for him in terms of reaching the G-spot.

- Toy with it. Consider using sex toys (prostate massagers, dildos, vibrators, etc.) - but a guy should only do this when he’s ready. Often sex toys will be a real boon in reaching the prostate and bringing about an orgasm.

Again it’s important to emphasize that a guy should be patient when exploring his anus. And it’s also important to know that not every man finds stimulating the prostate to be pleasurable. If that’s the case, there’s no reason to force the issue.

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