Sexual stimulation can take place on a number of fronts. Most people think immediately of touching the naughty bits here, but there are ways to spark arousal that don’t involve physical contact, ways that can greatly enhance desire and lead to hotter sex. Since sexual health is an important component of overall wellbeing, and maintaining sexual health requires keeping the activity fresh, a man can never acquire too many sex tips. The following indirect methods of stimulation will heighten the pleasure for both partners.

Through the ears

Music is a powerful tool for altering one’s mood, or that of a lover. Turning on the right song, or sometimes just the right genre, can get a person revved up. While it depends on the person in question and his or her musical tastes, things to try are bluesy rock (such as the Black Keys) or music with sexy lyrics (think "Let’s Get It On").

Through the nose

The sense of smell is a wonderful vehicle for eliciting moods and memories. Some tried-and-true scents are known for their ability to relax and even arouse - sandalwood, rose and lavender among them. If a partner wants to really invest in olfactory stimulation, he can track down a scent nostalgic of the first time he met his lover, or perhaps of the first time they made love. Was a candle burning? Was he wearing a certain fragrance? Recreate the moment.

Through the mind

A man may have heard that the brain is the largest erogenous zone, and there’s certainly some truth to that. Getting and keeping a lover in a sexy frame of mind can add a layer to sexual desire and enjoyment that one might be shocked by.

One way to engage the mind is through dirty talk. Telling a partner what one likes, what one wants to do and how one feels in the moment can greatly stimulate him or her, as can hearing such things from one’s lover. And this can be done long-distance as well, maintaining sexual attraction and connection when lovers are apart.

Another way to tantalize the brain is to draw on a partner’s fantasies. Couples can incorporate elements of fantasies into sex play. This can be done through dirty talk and/or the simulation of kinky scenarios like "public" sex; it may involve the incorporation of bondage, submission or other fetishes that send a person over the enjoyment edge.

Through the feelings

Most people can likely attest to the fact that sex with someone they know, like and trust is in many ways better - deeper and more meaningful. Still, when people have been together for some time, they may fall into a routine that grows stale. They can reinvigorate the great pleasure that can come from intimacy by remembering what excites them about the other as a person. This can be a shared interest - in which case getting fired up over a baseball game or delving into an intellectual topic may spark that fire. Or, they may appreciate something about one another that completely sets them apart, like an interest or skill that evades the other. Get invested in the other’s interests to keep the other interesting.

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